The biohazard restoration process consists of removing waste that might cause substantial destruction with the potential of infecting many people also. Vital Fluid is one common example, but there is a lot of waste material at the crime scene or trauma scene. Whatever happens, at PuroClean, we realize that a restoration issue handled like this requires time.

A number of situations can cause a biohazard. Whether it is a crime scene, major trauma, or other shocking situations, it is a tough predicament for any person who is a property owner. On top of everything else, getting things cleaned up should be handled by a professional so that there are no remaining issues. That is when calling on PuroClean, aka the Paramedics of Property Damage, makes sense. Everything from eliminating fingerprint powder hanging around to bigger spills is simple to handle with the best technicians taking proper control. We ensure to restore property so that it looks as it did before anything ever occurred, and we are just a phone call away at (401) 737-4329.

The most efficient way to get things done is for technicians to help out directly with property owners to discover a cleaning service and solution that works great. When it comes to crime scene/trauma restoration, time is usually limited, so it is important to start as soon as possible.

Showing Care Throughout The Crime Scene Restoration Process in Providence, RI

The best way to properly get a crime scene/trauma restoration finished is to use technicians who are trained specifically for this kind of work. We ensure that our team at PuroClean is certified to handle whatever is put in front of them. We pay attention to all the proper regulations to keep people safe, and our equipment options are the best around.

Crime Scene Cleanup and Restoration in Providence, RI

Crime Scene restoration includes the deep cleaning and use of disinfectants on houses, businesses, vehicles, public parks, public facilities, etc. after homicides, work accidents, and other major incidents. Our staff understands how disturbing these events are to most and will demonstrate compassion for all involved.

Providence, RI Crime Scene and Trauma-related Services include:

  • Accidental injuries or Fatalities
  • Illegal Drug/Meth Lab Cleanup
  • Murder/Suicide
  • Tear Gas Cleanup
  • Traffic Collision Cleanup
  • Vandalism
  • Pandemic and infectious disease outbreaks
  • Unattended deaths
  • Bioterrorism
  • Temporary protection and board-up
  • 24-hour / 7-days a week emergency services
  • Bioterrorism
  • Unsanitary dwellings
  • Mass casualty situations

Our Franchises* Work With:

  • Hotels
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Emergency Responders
  • Schools and Academic Institutions
  • Hospitals and Urgent Care Facilities
  • Health and Fitness Clubs
  • Medical Examiners
  • Corporate Offices
  • Building Service Contractors
  • Residential Cleaners
  • Front-line Journalists
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Airports, Train Stations, and Other Transportation Terminals
  • Public Venue (Convention Center, Stadium, Theater, Recreation, Church)

How crime scene activity impacts insurance policies

Insurance agencies generally provide coverage when it comes to crime scene remediation. To comprehend any details that are covered, make sure to pay close attention to how it all works.

Accidental mishaps or deaths

There is always a chance of an incident occurring on any property. Many accidents end up being smaller in scale, but there are a few that lead to definite injuries or even a chance of death. Handling those extraordinary situations can be tremendously challenging, and having insurance coverage in place helps tremendously. To ensure that the insurance coverage kicks in, living up to all safety and health rules at all times cuts down on risk, and make any investigation more straightforward.

Understanding Blood-borne Pathogens

At a typical crime or trauma scene, an event can cause bleeding. This blood needs to be cleared up to avoid as much risk as possible with subjection to blood-borne pathogens. The leading way to do this is to have a professional company capable of following all safety rules and general procedures to remedy the problem.

Even though blood and bodily fluids must be cleared, it is hardly something that the average person wants to do. That is where PuroClean technicians can provide assistance. They have the knowledge to take care of any type of situation as quickly and efficiently as possible. When cleaning up and using sanitizers on a location, it is done with property owners in mind. Being sensitive to privacy during the procedure means people do not have to deal with any issues.

Illegal Drug – “Meth” Labs

A lot of negatives come from chemicals that help create illegal drugs. They not only put a person in a lot of trouble from a law perspective, but these chemicals leave a remnant that is extremely harmful if not handled properly. We have technicians capable of cleaning all these locations that might be compromised by illegal drug chemicals, rehabilitating a property very quickly.

Cleaning a Suicide Crime Scene

The awful experience of going through a suicide can be tremendously stressful for any property owner. There is a loss of life, and also having to deal with cleaning up the location and getting rid of any remaining evidence. PuroClean steps in and handles this business in a professional manner. The goal is to provide assistance tremendously quickly and efficiently so that the property is looking like it used to as quickly as possible.

Crashes and Traffic Collisions

No one expects a traffic incident, especially when it results in a severe injury or even death. We have a team that is prepared to clean property, handle the roads, and any vehicles to ensure that all biohazards are eliminated. Getting this process done takes some time, but it is necessary to salvage whatever possible.

Cleaning Up Vandalism

Vandalism can do some significant harm to property. The last thing anyone wants to have to deal with is cleaning up everything so that it is safe once again. The pros at PuroClean can thoroughly clean that entire area so that there are no lingering effects from vandalism. A few of the effects of vandalism may not even be noticeable, so it is important to have a professional to handle the scene.

Workplace Accident Cleanup

Workplace accidents can sometimes become very serious, and that means requiring professional restoration. PuroClean‘s staff can pay attention to all guidelines to ensure that the workplace is cleared and everyone is fine to return.

Full Restoration

The restoration can seem tedious and almost hopeless at times, but PuroClean makes it much easier. It starts with cleaning up an entire property and then moving on from there. By reaching out to a nearby PuroClean by calling (401) 737-4329, it is easier to get it all done than most people understand.

The PuroClean RapidDefense™ Program

The PuroClean RapidDefense™ Program is the number one way to find a true cleaning solution. Many companies out there try their best, but no one can compete with PuroClean’s ability to return property to the way it was and looking great.

Call The Professionals at PuroClean of Providence, RI Today

The quality of our remediation services, the time in which we deliver them, and the care we provide throughout the steps make PuroClean your ideal restoration business. Our trained technicians will talk with all vested property owners, family members, and insurance providers every step to ensure that your property is treated with the utmost respect.

*There are a few offices that do not provide biohazard remediation. For info on that, call 1-800-775-7876 to get the nearest location that provides the services.

"The PuroClean crew was very helpful and answered all of my questions. They went out of their way to let m e know exactly what they were doing and how long it would take. They made the whole process [...]

Kelly D. from Providence

I was extremely impressed with Puroclean's policy. The staff was wonderful. Kind. And compassionate. Olivia was fantastic and extremely helpful at every turn, she went the extra mile.



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Blood itself is not a biohazard, it’s what may be in the blood that is potentially hazardous, such as bloodborne pathogens (BBPs) or infectious microorganisms, that can cause diseases. [...]

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