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Mold Inspection in Bradenton, FL: What to Look For

Mold is a type of fungus that reproduces by creating tiny spores that can disperse and travel through air and water. Molds grow on moisture-soaked surfaces and materials found in warm, humid environments, where they can survive for long periods of time and multiply. They can have harmful effects on one’s health, and it can be a sign of poor indoor air quality when they are found indoors.

It’s important to take action and get your home or business establishment inspected for molds as soon as possible. A mold inspection will help identify any sources of moisture and trapped condensation that could lead to the spread of mold spores.

Here are the things to look for during a mold inspection in Bradenton on your residential or commercial property in Bradenton, FL.

Sources of Moisture

If you notice mold growing on your property, it’s likely that there’s a source of moisture nearby. Some common sources of moisture include warm and humid surfaces and areas, such as attics, basements, and other locations that aren’t well-ventilated.

The first step in mold inspection is to check for sources of moisture, particularly areas with poor ventilation. Look for any discoloration or dark stains on the walls as these are among the most common signs of moisture that could be causing mold growth in your property.

Musty Odors

If you can smell a stale odor somewhere in your home or business facility, it’s possible that mold is growing on your property. Other possible causes for these musty odors include poor ventilation, urine damage, or a rodent infestation.

Have the walls and other surfaces around your property inspected for sources of these scents so they can be treated as soon as possible. After the affected area has been cleaned mold-proofed, make sure it is adequately ventilated to prevent the causes of these musty odors from returning.

mold inspection Bradenton fl

Black Molds

Some types of mold are more dangerous and spread more quickly than others, and black mold is one type that poses the most serious risks. Even small amounts of mold can cause serious health problems, especially in people with allergies or asthma.

Anyone with prolonged exposure to molds will find themselves suffering from postnasal drip or nasal congestion. They may also have dry, scaly skin, or itchy eyes, nose, or throat, and find themselves frequently coughing or sneezing. If you or anyone in your household or business have any of these symptoms, you need to act fast because your symptoms may be due to the presence of black molds in your property. Take immediate action and call a professional to take care of this problem.


Any home or building that has frequent issues with water leaks and humidity runs the risk of growing molds. It’s a good idea to have your property inspected for mold if you smell a musty odor, see signs of water damage, or experience health problems like coughing, sneezing, or a scratchy throat.

If you find any signs of mold in your Bradenton property, you should get it inspected by a professional mold inspection company as soon as possible. These experts will help identify the extent of the problem, and advise you on how to deal with it.

Last edited on 18th of February 2023