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Frozen Pipes
Water Restoration Published January 4, 2021

Be Weary of Frozen Pipes This Winter

When water freezes, it also expands in volume. And, this natural process can damage pipes. While winter weather in Columbus, Ohio, has not been extremely cold yet, we have already had a few cases of frozen pipes causing water damage.  In some instances, construction being done adjacent to the area was a factor.  We have documented some of these cases to share with you.

Recent Jobs Resulting From Frozen Pipes

Recently, a Children’s Hospital had the main fire suppression line freeze. This resulted in a break flooding a hallway, café area, and part of a pharmacy.  That line break was due to some remodeling next to this area where cold air was able to make its way to freeze that pipe. We extracted water from the flooded hallways and carpeted areas and dried them out quickly. 

We also had a condo in Blacklick, Ohio, that had frozen pipes due to an adjoining unit with no heat. This was compounded by them not having made any repairs to damage stemming from a fire this past summer. 

Cold air came inside a common wall cavity and froze some pipes in the second-floor bathroom in the condo that did not have the fire, thereby causing water damage throughout that unit.  The unit owner had not turned the main water line off while waiting for an insurance settlement to fix smoke damages from the next-door neighbor’s fire.   

Typically, pipes freeze when the air temperature is in the teens or lower, and there is some wind as well. Property undergoing construction is particularly susceptible to having cold air penetrate its plumbing. Similarly, if you are in a multi-family unit neighboring another unit undergoing construction, be sure to look for vulnerability to freezing. The wind helps push the cold air into exposed cavities where pipes can freeze and burst.

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