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Fire RestorationPublished March 22, 2021

Car Repair Shop Set Ablaze by a Battery Explosion

When dealing with fires, the flames themselves are not always the only aspect that can cause damage. A Pataskala car repair garage learned this first-hand recently after a lithium battery pack started blazing. Luckily, there was no structural damage to the shop, and everyone was safe. However, they called PuroClean to mitigate a lasting effect of the fire: soot.

Talk About a Hot Rod!

Soot is made up of tiny carbon particles created by the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels. It contains various acids, chemicals, metals, soils, and dust. During a fire, soot spreads outwards, attaching itself to surfaces. It can further damage property and indoor air quality if not removed immediately. Luckily we quickly arrived and got to work.

The client’s business requires the garage to be habitable. We needed to clean all of the building and the structures within the garage and all the tools. While the owner thankfully has business insurance, his concern was that extended unavailability would risk losing customers. So we used a variety of tools to help us quickly clean throughout his shop.

One complication was that the shop had a car on the lift at the time of the fire. The car was now also covered in soot. To remove the soot, we detailed both the interior and exterior of the automobile. We cleaned the carpet and upholstery inside the car as well. 

Currently, the work is still ongoing due in part to the detailed cleaning required. The client has been pleased with the responsiveness and work ethic of our crew. He was impressed with our work on the car because of the amount of cleaning needed. 

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