The body of a cat is found in an open ceiling. A mold remediation job was turned into a biohazard cleanup upon the discovery of this carcass.

An Unexpected Twist: Mold Remediation Turned Biohazard Cleanup

Biohazard Clean Up

Mold, with its stealthy and often elusive nature, is a formidable opponent in the realm of home maintenance and property restoration. It creeps into the unseen corners of living spaces and offices, thriving in dampness and darkness, presenting a challenge that demands expertise and precision to eliminate. However, with the help of professional mold remediation services, you can bid adieu to mold problems for good.

Mold Remediation Takes a Biohazardous Turn

In the quiet town of Carroll, Ohio, a retired homeowner found themselves facing an unexpected challenge. What began as a routine mold remediation job unfolded into a biohazard cleanup job.

The task at hand was mold remediation in the basement of a residential home. The homeowner had detected mold in the ceiling but was unaware of its source. As our diligent team set out to remove the affected ceiling, they stumbled upon an unexpected discovery – a deceased cat. This find revealed that the homeowner had previously used the house as a cat rescue, and unfortunately, one of the felines had ventured into the ceiling space and never made it out.

The body of a cat is found in an open ceiling. A mold remediation job was turned into a biohazard cleanup upon the discovery of this carcass.
The discovery of the carcass turned this job into a biohazard cleanup.

The presence of the deceased cat brought with it additional challenges. The team found evidence of feces and urine stains on the ceiling, creating the need for a biohazard cleanup.

In addition to eradicating every trace of mold in the ceiling, our team faced the crucial responsibility of eliminating all hazardous waste associated with the presence of the carcass. Utilizing industry best practices for biohazard removal, disinfection, and sterilization, we cleaned the space and restored it to its pre-damaged state.

Our team wrapped up this job just last month, and the homeowner was very pleased with the state of their basement once we finished. Congratulations to the team for another job well done!

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Last edited on 21st of November 2023