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Columbus Sports Bar Board-Up
In The Community Published December 21, 2020

O-H! Oh No! Car Crashes into Sports Bar the Very Morning Ohio State Kicks Off Their Season

There are few things in Columbus more important to our community than Ohio State football. COVID-19 threw a big wrench into the BIG-10 Conference’s plans to begin their season on time. But, the fall came around, and soon after, the Buckeyes were finally set to kick off their season. Sports bars all around the midwest were planning on hosting patrons responsibly to watch the game. However, on the morning of the big game, a car came crashing through the side of a Columbus bar, and the owners had to call a false start. PuroClean’s special teams came out to provide emergency board-up services. 

Getting the Bar Back In Working Condition

The bar owners called on PuroClean to help clean up the mess. The car rammed into the outer wall of the bar, facing the intersection. The wall was completely opened up, with a massive hole exposing the inside of the restaurant, leaving debris everywhere. It destroyed seating and furniture and dented the bar.

Our crew came in with a simple job: clean the mess and board-up the wall so the bar can safely operate. We with the larger pieces of debris. With those disposed of, we could easily clean the area for smaller wayward items dislodged by the accident. 

Once all of the debris was fully removed, the next step was to board up and secure the gaping hole. We constructed wooden scaffolding to add stability to the damaged wall. The plywood covering extended beyond the scaffolding for better leverage. And, although the fix was only temporary, it more than did the job in a short amount of time.

The bar was reopened for business the very next day. Although they missed out on hosting customers for the game on that particular Saturday, they were back to full operations in time for the next week’s game. And, what is clearly the most important thing to note: Ohio State beat Nebraska 52-17. #GoBuckeyes

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