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How to Remove Mold Stains from Clothes and Fabric

Damp clothes or fabrics can easily be infested with mold if they’re not dried in time.

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Tools used in the water damage restoration process.
PuroClean Team in Longwood, FL Completes Water Damage Restoration

Here at PuroClean Longwood, we provide an array of services for your restoration needs.

How to Repair Water-Damaged Drywall

In a water damage event, it’s essential to quickly remove the water and dry your property.

PuroClean Cares Helping the Community

At , we know that life sometimes throws us into many unexpected events at unlikely times.

Successfully Restoring a Water-Damaged Apartment Complex in Orlando, FL

When water damage occurs in an apartment complex, it can be a real challenge to restore the property to its original condition.

Spring Storm Damage Restoration: What to Do After the Storm

“April showers” are sometimes much more than just a bit of rain.

What To Do and Not Do After a House Fire

After the fire is out and the smoke has cleared, the fire department is gone, and you are left with a disaster on your hands.

Flooded home. Spring flooding prevention is important during the months between winter and summer.
How to Protect Your Home Against Spring Flooding

The spring flood season is about to begin, and homeowners need to be prepared.

water damage restoration in Orlando
Providing Water Damage Restoration in Orlando to a Hotel (Success Story)

In January 2022, we received a call from the management of a hotel in Orlando, belonging to a well-known hotel franchise.

mold-in attic
2022 Tips to Prevent Mold in Attic Spaces

The attic is an area of the home most likely to be neglected or ignored.

Commercial Water Damage Spans Several Floors, Derailing Insurance Operations

Water damage will likely happen to any property owner.

drying equipment set up during water damage restoration from overflowing toilet.
PuroClean Plunges in to Help Commercial Customer’s Overflowing Toilet Situation

It’s not uncommon for commercial establishments to have overflowing toilets.

2021 Holiday Party Safety Checklist

The holiday season is a time for celebration and joyful gatherings, and safety measures should be at the top of any holiday preparation list.

scalfolding set up in senior living facility in Deland, FL to handle condensation leak from A/C unit.
Condensation Leak from A/C Unit creates Moisture on Dining Room Ceiling at Local Senior Living Facility

Any true Floridan knows the importance of air conditioners.

2021 Holiday Lights Safety Tips

There’s something magical about lights during the holiday season.

office water damage
Consequences of Water Damage in Office Buildings

What Are the Causes of Office Water Damage and What Are the Consequences? Property managers of office buildings are often aware that water damage can be truly consequential.

thanksgiving fire safety
Have a Safer Thanksgiving with These Fire Prevention Tips

Thanksgiving Day is one of our most important celebrations, but did you know that it’s also the leading day for home cooking fires? [...]

You may be wondering is soot dangerous.
Is Soot Dangerous? What You Should Know

After a house fire, the danger unfortunately doesn’t stop once the flames have been put out.

smoke detector false alarm
Top 10 Reasons Your Smoke Alarm Goes Off Randomly

Smoke alarms are extremely important in keeping you and your family safe in case of a household fire.

Tobacco and Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal

After years of smoking in a home, walls and contents become blemished and develop bad odors.

green mold
What Is Green Mold and Is It Dangerous?

Mold comes in many textures and colors, but they all have a few things in common — they grow in moist areas, they feed on organic matter, and can pose a threat to your health.

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