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Why Choose PuroClean Restoration Specialists

Unlike other water damage repair companies, we provide water damage restoration in Scottsdale, AZ and surrounding areas with the PuroClean QuickDry System™. It’s a method we created that helps us dry properties in the shortest possible time. It also significantly lowers the costs of water damage repair compared to using traditional drying systems. Using state-of-the-art equipment for drying, dehumidifying, deodorizing, and disinfecting, we restore your home or business with minimal disruption so that you can get back to your normal life.


We have earned the trust of homeowners, insurance professionals, home service providers, and property managers throughout North America.

State-of-the-art Equipment

We use a range of modern, high-quality equipment that work together to create the most effective drying conditions.

Ongoing Communication

At every step, we keep you and your insurance agent informed. We want everyone involved to understand what is happening, what to expect, and what to do.

Thorough Cleanup

We treat water-damaged property as if it were our own. Our technicians dry every item respectfully and professionally, from your carpet to your family photographs.

Call the experts at PuroClean Restoration Specialists for water damage restoration in Scottsdale and surrounding areas. We are always available. Floods often result in water damage to homes, which may appear on the surface as a minor loss. But, it can quickly escalate into needless, extensive damage to both property and health. Therefore, timing is critical to reducing further damage. PuroClean’s licensed and certified technicians work compassionately, professionally and quickly to contain the water.

Trust PuroClean of Scottsdale, AZ for your Water Damage Restoration

PuroClean QuickDry System™: Here at Puroclean, we want to make sure that we are able to dry and restore as much of your water damaged property as we possibly can. Our QuickDry System™ uses psychrometric science – which is a proven way to properly manage dehumidification and the temperature that allows us to do just that.

Water Removal Process: PuroClean of Scottsdale, AZ‘s certified technicians strongly care for your property and belongings while being sure that water damage, both seen and unseen, is restored.

Odor and Mold Removal: Our PuroClean certified techs are able to sanitize the mold damaged areas. Just using bleach doesn’t solve mold damage issues, unfortunately. Additionally, we use HEPA Vacuums and Filters to remove any potential airborne contaminants to get your property back to its normal condition.

Mold damage in Scottsdale, AZ can cause odors that will permeate the surrounding area and be very challenging to remove. Puroclean’s advanced equipment fortunately has the power and ability to return your affected area to a nice, pre-damaged condition.

Ongoing Communication: We will work with you and your insurance provider throughout the Scottsdale, AZ water damage repair process, to ensure you both know what is transpiring, what to expect and what you can do. At PuroClean of Scottsdale, AZ, we are always transparent to ensure that all parties involved are fully informed and making confident decisions.

Trust that PuroClean of Scottsdale, AZ will respond to your Scottsdale, AZ water damage report with urgency and sensitivity, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and to professionally restore your home or property. We respect the trauma you and your family are going through, and we will assist you with compassion, and minimal disruption to your daily life.

We will stay in touch with you and your insurance company throughout the whole process to make sure you are kept updated on the progress. State-of-the-science equipment is used by our certified technicians to accurately measure just how bad the water damage is and completely restore your home by removing visible and invisible water damage.

PuroClean Emergency Flood and Related Water Damage Repair Services in Scottsdale, AZ

The Water Removal Process:

  • Our technicians will first remove the damaged structure which will be restored or discarded. Materials may include baseboards, insulation, furniture, upholstery, carpeting, carpet padding, fragile wood, drywall, and anything else necessary.
  • Next, specialized tools like dehumidifiers and air movers are normally used during the procedure of drying. When the affected items and structure are removed, we begin drying and sanitizing the water affected property.
  • The areas with mold damage are addressed next and are disinfected and restored in a timely manner to stop the mold from spreading.

Emergency Extraction of Water in Scottsdale, AZ

We start out by strategically locating commercial water removal equipment in order to quickly get rid of standing water.

  • Our specialized pumping equipment will be immediately used to remove all standing water immediately upon arrival. Your damaged belongings will be removed to be stored or discarded.
  • Once completed, the equipment will be removed and the water will be disposed of off-site by PuroClean’s technicians.

Drying & Dehumidification

Then our fucus is to identify, isolate and prep all areas that need drying and dehumidification.

  1. To ensure this process can be completely performed, removal of belongings and upholstery will be necessary.
  2. Air moving machines will be sat out around the premises strategically in the most affected areas. The areas that contain the majority of the water will be the focus, to pull out trapped water. Keep in mind, these machines are very loud.
  3. These powerful fans extract the water out into the air and out of your property. The water that was removed is disposed of by our technicians at a separately location.
  4. Once moisture levels return to normal, your PuroClean technicians will bring back relocated property and items to their original location. These humidity levels are monitored closely by our technicians to make sure that things can get back to normal as soon as possible.

Restoring Carpets

Water damaged carpet is fixed by Puroclean and brought back to the original state during our carpet restoration process.

  1. The first step is to find the source of the damage as this will help determine if your carpet is salvageable.
  2. Remaining water is removed from the carpet through water extraction. This will occur if we feel the carpet is salvageable.
  3. Commercial grade air movers (fans) are then used to remove any leftover moisture and prevent mold growth.
  4. Our technicians will keep you and your insurance broker in the loop during the drying process.
  5. As soon as the carpet is fully dry, your furniture and belongings are placed back to their previous location. All equipment will be removed by PuroClean technicians.

Cleaning, Deodorizing and Spot Removal of Carpet

Water damaged carpets can form mildew, and this mildew can create odors that spread quickly throughout the affected area and into your home or office. The PuroClean technicians can properly remove the odors through our proven process of cleaning, deodorizing and spot removal when needed.

  • The process begins with a complete inspection and vacuuming of the area by our certified tech.
  • To restore the affected carpet, where needed, your furniture will be removed.
  • If needed, a pet odor and spot removal will be performed at this time.
  • Additionally, a fiber or textile protectant is available that will protect and prolong the value of your carpet.

Our Mold Removal Process

PuroClean of [metro area] follows a strict process to eliminate your mold-damaged property and confirm that your home or business is properly restored. It’s important to note that contacting PuroClean of Scottsdale, AZ and getting a certified professional involved ASAP is essential to preventing mold growth by assessing the water damage.

  • We start by carefully inspecting the whole water damaged area for any and all signs of mold. Your home then undergoes a complete sitewide mold removal in the affected areas.
  • The deodorizing process follows the mold removal. Cleaning, disinfection and deodorization is completed after all presence of mold is remediated.
  • To ensure all water is removed from your premises and belongings, Puroclean technicians use state-of-the-science equipment such as HEPA air filters and HEPA vacuums.
  • PuroClean’s Dos and Don’ts of Water Damage in Scottsdale, AZ

    Although the repair of water damage in Scottsdale, AZ is a high priority, the safety of our customers and technicians is our most important priority. The following tips will help reduce risk of suffering setbacks due to a heavy rain, flood, roof leaks or faulty plumbing or AC units; regardless of whether you’re mitigating or restoring water damage.

    To Do:

    • Shut Off Your Water: Shut off the home’s water supply and call a plumber for repairs.
    • Be very careful: Watch where you step as flooring may be slippery and wet. Keep a lookout for obstacles and any exposed wiring. USE CAUTION.
    • Water removal: Mop as much water as possible. In cooler weather, open windows to speed up drying and in hot weather, only if it’s safe to do so, turn your A/C on.
    • Upholstery should be propped up: Any loose cushions and upholstered furniture should be propped up in a dry place.
    • Manage Area Rugs and Obstacles: Take out rugs and pick up any items that may be sitting on the floor.
    • Dry Storage Containers: Open any wet suitcases or storage boxes; and, if possible, dry them in the sun.
    • Protect Your Valuables: Paintings, artwork, and any other valuables should be relocated to a safe, dry place.
    • Dry Wet Clothing: Quickly dry any wet clothes. Hang leather goods and furs to dry at room temperature.
    • Furniture Protection: Put aluminum foil or some sort of plastic under all furniture legs touching wet carpets. Open cabinet doors and drawers to dry out interiors (but do not force them open).
    • Contact PuroClean ASAP: Call PuroClean of Scottsdale, AZ. Trained technicians highly trained in Scottsdale, AZ water damage are ready and waiting to come to you.

    Do Not Do:

    • Don’t operate a vacuum cleaner: DO NOT USE your regular household vacuum cleaner. You may use a wet vac or wet/dry vac that is created to handle water cleanup.
    • Don’t touch electrical outlets: Leave cords alone. If it is plugged in, leave it and if it’s not plugged in, leave it alone. Don’t touch electrical cords at all.
    • DO NOT USE APPLIANCES: DO NOT USE TVs, radios, computers, ceiling fans, or any other electrical appliances while you are standing on wet floors or carpets, particularly tile or concrete floors.
    • DON’T USE YOUR HEAT: The cooler you can keep your affected area, the better. Warmer temperatures encourage mold growth.

    Our Frequently Asked Questions

    Below are the questions typically asked by our PuroClean customers:

    What happens if I have a flood late at night and need assistance?

    We at PuroClean of Scottsdale, AZ are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will respond to your call for assistance at any time and on any day. We restore your property as if it were our own and will ensure the damage will be in a better state than it originally was. Call us now at (480)767-5588.

    What do I need to do to get a free estimate, or how much does it cost?

    Call us now at (480)767-5588 for a free estimate of our water damage services.

    Does homeowners insurance cover flooding or water damage? Do you work with insurance companies to minimize the cost and hassle?

    Homeowners insurance provides coverage for damage that is sudden and accidental (such as water heater ruptures or pipe bursts). However, flood damage, no matter the source of the water, is NOT covered by standard homeowners’ policies. Also, the water damage that results from a lack of maintenance is not covered on a standard homeowner’s insurance policy.

A prompt response using the

PuroClean QuickDry System™ can save

on water damage claim costs.

Water Damage Restoration by PuroClean

Expert Restoration Service

PuroClean technicians are highly trained and certified, and use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to effectively remediate property damage.


Our PuroClean QuickDry System™ uses applied psychrometric science. It is a proven process that manages dehumidification and temperature to quicken drying and help ensure the best possible outcome. *We can save almost everything: drywall, wood, carpets, and most contents!

The system uses advanced restoration equipment:

  • High-Capacity Air Movers create a vortex, similar to the motion of a tornado. This method speeds up the drying process.
  • A Low-Grain Refrigerant Dehumidifier draws in cool, wet air and blows out warm, dry air.

Additionally, we measure and log the moisture content of materials, and monitor and log progress. That helps us know the actual drying time and ensure restoration to the appropriate dry standard.

The PuroClean QuickDry™ Guarantee — Back to Normal in Three Days or Fewer.* PuroClean will monitor and mitigate water damage to your property and in most cases have it back to normal in three days or fewer*. Don’t wait, call us immediately.

We provide a complete estimate, including photos, to the agent or adjuster within 24-48 hours.

*Certain extreme conditions may warrant additional drying time and/or the removal of carpet pad and structural components.

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