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The Do’s and Don’ts of Outdoor Grilling

Fire Restoration

According to the National Fire Protection Association, grill fires contribute to an average of over 10,000 home fires each year. Furthermore, thermal burns account for almost half of all grill-related injuries.

That’s why learning grilling safety tips is crucial to keep everyone safe throughout a barbecue. Check out the essential grilling safety tips below.

Grilling Safety Tips — Do’s

Grilling Safety Tips — Don’ts

How to Check Your Propane Tank for Leaks

This is particularly necessary at the start of grilling season. In cold weather, the harsher elements can damage the pipe and cause leakages.

The best method to detect a propane tank leak is to make a solution with one part water and one part dish soap. Apply the solution to the line that connects the grill to the gas tank. If bubbles appear on the line when you turn on the gas, have the grill serviced immediately.

An alternate method to check for gas leaks is to use your sense of smell. An unusual smell in a propane burner when you turn it off may indicate a leak.

How To Properly Turn Off Your Grill

Many fires have been triggered when the grill was improperly closed. Hot coals pose a danger even after being completely brushed over. Wait at least 72 hours so that the ashes are completely cool when removing them and cleaning up your grill.

For gas grills, disconnect the propane tank from the grill very carefully. Make sure that the valve is locked securely, so there is no gas leakage.

For Fire Damage Cleanup, Contact the PuroClean Mitigation Professionals!

As fire restoration experts, we advise you to be vigilant when grilling and consider our grilling safety tips. Extra fire safety precautions for the Fourth of July weekend and the summer holidays are a must!

Unfortunately, fire damage incidents can still happen to the most cautious of homeowners. If your property has suffered fire or smoke damage, don’t call the amateurs. Contact PuroClean for professional and reliable smoke and fire damage restoration for homes or businesses.

Last edited on 28th of June 2021

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