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PuroClean Partners With Local BusinessesL Giving Season - Children

‘Tis The Season of Giving Back: PuroClean Partners with Local Businesses

PuroClean Partners with Local Businesses to Collect Toys For Children In Need in Their Communities.

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Property Water Emergency & flooded floors
Take These 5 Crucial Steps During a Property Water Damage Emergency: Call PuroClean for Immediate Assistance

Take these steps during a property water damage emergency: Assess the situation and ensure safety.

A tablet depicting a fire damage legal liability coverage policy, backed by a flame background
All You Need to Know About Fire Damage Legal Liability Coverage

Protecting valuable assets from unforeseen disasters is always a priority for residential and commercial property renters.

commercial roof leak
How to Prevent a Commercial Roof Leak: Commercial Roof Leak Repairs

Your business is booming, but one day, you notice water dripping from above after a heavy downpour.

how to find air leaks in house
How to Find Air Leaks in Your House

Air leaks can be one of the biggest causes of energy loss in your home, resulting in high heating and cooling costs.

A man uses a hose to drain a septic tank in the ground
Signs of Septic Tank Problems

It's not always a fun task, but ensuring your home's plumbing system functions as it should is important.

How to get rid of musty basement smell
How to Get Rid of Musty Basement Smell

If you’ve ever descended into the depths of your home only to be greeted by that distinctive, wet dog odor or the unmistakable musty basement smell, you’re not alone.

Steve White was awarded by the attending executive team.
A Decade of Property Damage Restoration: Celebrating PuroClean President and COO Steve White’s 10th Anniversary

Here’s to the fearless leader behind PuroClean’s damage restoration mission! Today, we spotlight President and COO Steve White, who celebrates his 10th year with PuroClean.

Employees of the City of Tamarac enjoying some cookie platters on Labor Day
PuroClean Celebrates Labor Day with a “Sweet” Gesture for Tamarac’s Community Heroes

​​In the spirit of Labor Day, PuroClean's Home Office team members took a delightfully sweet approach to honor the city of Tamarac's hardworking staff, elected officials, and first responders.

Checking the breakers during a power outage
Staying Safe During a Power Outage: Tips and Recommendations

When a power outage hits, we're often left in the dark--sometimes literally.

A sign warning people to not dump common water contaminants into the nearby water source
Identifying and Preventing Common Water Contaminan 

Water is a vital resource that affects our daily lives in numerous ways.

A man holds a fire extinguisher and is ready to use it
How to Clean Up After a Fire Extinguisher: Mastering Fire Safety

Fire protection and safety are critical to maintaining a secure and protected environment.

Mold on windows in a home
Mold on Windows: Causes and Prevention Tips

Mold is an unwelcome guest in any home, and when it appears on your windows, it can be particularly frustrating.

PuroClean compiled lightning safety tips.
Staying Safe During Lightning: Lighting Safety Tips

Lightning has captivated humans for centuries, crackling across the sky with breathtaking beauty.

How to fix a sinkhole. A sinkhole in the ground.
How to Fix a Sinkhole: Sinkhole Repair 

Where there's unstable ground, there's a sinkhole! They can occur due to natural causes such as erosion or even human activity like construction.

A home for sale. Water damage might affect the home value.
How Much Does Flooding Devalue a House?

What determines your home's value? There are several factors.

How much does mold devalue a home? Mold spores can be found on walls and flooring in your house.
How Much Does Mold Devalue a Home?

What determines a home’s value? It is a simple question that has a somewhat complex answer.

A drain being pulled out of the sewer.
How to Eliminate Sewer Gas Smell in Your Home

A fresh, clean scent in our homes is what we aspire to, with advertising and media telling us to breathe in the crisp, fragranced air.

The food was cooked on an indoor grill.
Tips and Techniques: How to Grill Indoors Safely

Grills are an essential part of outdoor cooking and dining.

mold in laundry room
How to Prevent and Remove Mold Growth in the Laundry Room

The key to preventing mold in laundry room is keeping it dry and clean.

Standing water in a garden
The Dangers of Standing Water and How to Prevent Them

Did you know that standing water is more than just an annoyance? It can pose a threat to both your health and your property.

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