A Rotten Assignment: Commercial Biohazard at a Research Facility

For assistance with an unexpected commercial biohazard incident, PuroClean is always ready to serve. With decades of experience and a team of dedicated biohazard restoration experience, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A cadaver being inspected for biohazard clean up.

An Unusual Biohazard Cleanup at a University Campus

Our commitment to customer service sets us apart from other property damage restoration companies. We understand how overwhelming property damage can be, so we work quickly and efficiently to restore your home or business as soon as possible. For water, fire, and mold remediation in your home or business, please visit

Water damaged kitchen in the process of restoration.

Water Damage Remediation from a Distance: Helping an Overseas Client

Water damage remediation can often be an overwhelming and complex issue for homeowners. Let a professional property restoration company handle the situation. PuroClean offers highly-skilled technicians to conduct professional water, fire, smoke and damage, mold removal, biohazard cleanup, and reconstruction 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Visit our

A more extensive mold remediation job than first thought of.

Mold Mayhem: A Mold Remediation For the Ages

Whether your home needs mold remediation, water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, or even biohazard cleanup, PuroClean promptly responds using our state-of-the-art technology to save your home. After disaster strikes, our IICRC-certified technicians are ready to remediate the damage. Our experts will work with you and your insurance carrier during the

The beginning setup of this mold infestation remediation job.

Hurricane Holdovers: A Massive Mold Infestation Remediation

A mold infestation can be a serious issue, so addressing it as soon as possible is important. Mold can cause health problems, especially for those who are immunocompromised. Also, it can impact your property’s structural integrity, leading to further expenses and headaches down the road. That’s why choosing an experienced

Ceiling down from house fire.

From Fire to Friendship: A Case of PuroClean’s Continuing Customer Service

Whether your property needs fire damage restoration, water damage restoration, mold removal, or even biohazard cleanup, PuroClean promptly responds and uses the latest technology to restore your property. After the fire department has extinguished the flames, it’s time to contact PuroClean. Our experts will work with you and your insurance

Home in need of fire damage restoration.

From Disaster to Success: A Case of Major Fire Damage Restoration

Thanks to the unremitting efforts of our team of diligent fire damage restoration specialists, we were able to turn around an awful situation. We are very proud of the hard work each of the members of our dedicated team accomplished. If you ever need water, fire, mold, biohazard cleanup, or