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An Unusual Biohazard Cleanup at a University Campus

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PuroClean prides itself on serving our customers 24/7 with professional and efficient services. During a recent Thanksgiving weekend, our team received a call requesting biohazard cleanup at a university's cadaver lab before its students returned from their break. Despite the unique job, we were up for the challenge.

PuroClean Intervention

During Thanksgiving week, we received a call from a local university in Washington Metropolitan area requesting our biohazard cleanup services for their medical school’s cadaver lab. The job was unlike anything we had assisted with before, so our team donned personal protective equipment (PPE) and headed to the campus.

When our skilled team arrived, we were instructed to decontaminate the cadaver lab. The mortuary room featured over 40 cadaver tables covered in formaldehyde blood and chunks of cadaver flesh. It was certainly no biohazard cleanup for the squeamish! Nevertheless, our technicians established a plan to thoroughly clean the materials and return the lab to pristine condition.

We adhered to Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) bloodborne pathogens standards (BBP) and other biohazard cleanup standards, diligently cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing the lab’s affected contents. Then, our team decontaminated various tools, such as dissecting instruments, mini tables, several shop vacuums, and walk-in refrigerators. Additionally, we sterilized all the surfaces that came into contact with the cadavers, such as the walls and floors

Thanks to our team’s professionalism and dedication, we completed the job in five days, enabling the students to return to the university after the Thanksgiving break to finish their studies without interruption. We applaud our outstanding technicians for conducting their work with the utmost dignity and respect during this biohazard cleanup.

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