Jermaine J.

San DIego, CA

Very responsive and professional. Very knowledgeable about the situation that i was going through. Didn't rush on fixing the problem like most other companies that would over charge and give bad service. I was super satisfied that they made sure i was satisfied on the job they done. Highly recommended for sure. Thank you guys

Marlene P.

Moraine, OH

I work in the Insurance industry and I am always talking about water companies to my clients. I have never been on the incoming end and experiencing the services for the first time but needless to say that I was impressed. I knew how it worked from the outside but never the inside, but now I know and I would RECOMMEND PURO CLEAN to anyone that needs this type of service. They do other things besides water but after seeing it first hand, I will use them again.

Melissa S.

Dayton. KY

Having a leak in your home and seeing the damage is not an enjoyable event. Then having to watch your wall get cut open for repair is even worse but, after speaking to Greg I knew it was going to get taken care of and put back together. I am so happy with the outcome the painting and drywall looks better than before the leak. Thank You Puroclean (Greg, Steve and Tim)!!

Shea S.

Green Bay, WI

This company is reliable and trustworthy. It is wonderful when you contact a company in an emergency situation and the company is quick to respond. It is very much appreciated when the company arrived they take their time and do a thorough investigation of what is going on and find the root of the problem. The employees are professional, trustworthy and do what they say they are going to do. I highly recommend any of the PuroClean franchisees throughout the country to assist in any problems you may have, pertaining to smoke, fire, water damage, mold, bio-hazard or covid clean-up or disinfecting. The company makes sure all PuroClean technicians are certified and meet standards of excellence.

Idalis B.

Austin, TX

PuroClean Corporate is friendly, thorough, and will walk you through everything you need to know. Highly recommend!

Jackie T.

Coral Gables, FL

Thomas was able to help my family on short notice. He patiently explained what we needed and the method for cleaning. They worked quietly under strained conditions (death of a family member) and the room was clean, sanitized and smelled fresh. We will indeed use this company again.

Pat M.

Atlanta, GA

Had a pipe bust on my water heater in my crawlspace. My insurance company denied the claim. By the grace of God I found these guys and Will came out did the inspection and walk me through the process.They completely dried out my crawlspace got rid of some mold and mildew re-encapsulated it. Was told by someone else that my brand new hardwood flooring was a lost cause and would have to be replaced.They brought in some heavy equipment use these things called rescue mats and after a week of running those things in my house my hardwood floors look good as new. I consider myself to be pretty handy around the house but in this process I was completely lost and had no idea what to do. Will stayed in constant contact with me assuring me that everything was going to be just fine. He was right! I cannot thank Tim, Will and the rest of the guys for the totally awesome job they did on my house and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs this service I promise you will not be disappointed.

Jennifer D.

Harleysville, PA

Puroclean is an excellent company. I would highly recommend them. We had a leak which caused a lot of water damage. They were extremely professional, always on time, had excellent communication with us, insurance company and other workers involved. Their work was very thorough and mitigated any further damage to our property. We were very impressed with their knowledge, workmanship and professionalism.

Kiera J.

Spartansburg, SC

Our family suffered an unexpected house fire on May the 7th of 2021 and as tragic as it was, PuroClean helped us along the way with our belongings. They were quick and efficient and also very knowledgeable about their process and wasn’t afraid to let us know how things were going to end up after the water/fire damage. They really and truly made our lives a lot easier during this process. All of the men who came out were nice and courteous, also the manager Thomas was an awesome guy. Thank you all! Hopefully we won’t need them again, BUT if we do we won’t hesitate to call! :)

R. Ed

Houston, TX

We contacted Puroclean of WH during the freeze storm and they were able to add us to their wait list. They came to our house within few days(which is great given the circumstances). The good things about these guys that they try hard to work with the customer even that dealing with the insurance can be very challenging and restrictive. Which was the case for me. My insurance kept trying to limit the remediation budget but Augustine stayed on top of it. My advice if you’re planning to hire them(or any other remediation company) talk to them about the scope of work, and what your insurance allows you to do. This helps to understand the process, keep in mind that this is a remediation company, so they can only remediate what has been damaged(with the insurance approval). I’m Giving them 5 stars for the responsiveness and the communication!