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Local Reviews

"PuroClean has the best employees and service in the Portland area. I recommend them with 100% confidence knowing the job will be done right with the highest level of satisfaction."


On Friday, December 1st on or about 7:15 a.m. when entering my office I encountered flooding, broken ceiling tiles and damage to office cubicles from what turned out to be a roof drain collapse. Fortunately one of my coworkers was on site with me and provided the name of Tyson Bostrom @ PuroClean. I was a little skeptical as I had not ever used this company but I needed immediate action as it became apparent that not only was my office flooded but the Suite above me as well caused from this roof drain issue. Tyson and his crew arrived within 30 minutes and immediately went to work to do what they do best - In hindsight I expected someone would come in and want to meet with me and make sure I accepted their fee or terms and conditions...but no - not the case with this company They understand the word emergency and dug right in putting their customer first to address the issue and would deal with the details later The crew at PuroClean stayed at the job both in my office and upstairs over a period of 5 days to ensure that all was dry, everything was taken care of, everyone was comfortable and there were no residual issues. Every detail was addressed Overall, my experience with the PuroClean was amazing - If anyone has any questions or would like more information about our story please leave a comment to my review and I will be happy to get back to you to sing their praises. While we never want anyone to be in a situation such as this, I can honestly say that Tyson turned this day around for not just me but for all of us in our building.


Erica from PuroClean of Plymouth was outstanding. Super professional, knowledge and prompt. We had a disaster in our house and without hesitation she jumped into action and made our home good again.

Plymouth, MI


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