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It went extremely well. The Owner is a wonderful man who really cares about the success of the work completed. He was professional, punctual, responsive, dedicated and did exactly what he stated. I am VERY pleased with the service I received and will recommend them to others. Thank you Mr. Vink!


We discovered mold in our finished basement that appeared to warrant remediation rather than simple removal. Chris returned my call promptly. I think he came to look at the job the next day. He gave me a rough estimate. After further investigation, we asked Chris to go ahead with the job. He arranged for his crew to perform the work within 1-2 weeks which gave us time to move our furniture out, his crew performed the job just as he described. They employed air barriers, HEPA scrubbers and negative pressure at the appropriate times. Demo was quiet and effificient. Team members were bright and polite. Final price was below estimate. We are very pleased and consider this a top-notch experience from start to finish

Mocksville, NC

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