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You provide extremely good, timely service. Very professional.


I recommend this company because they provide good quality work and good customer services. I needed their help several times this winter with a flooded basement situation. One of the disastrous events took place on a Friday late afternoon close to 5 pm. When I called Brad he said everybody from his crew was out wrapping up the week. But when I explained to him the seriousness of the situation he promised to send someone over. Sure enough, Brad showed up in person within 45 minutes and installed a submersible pump. He came back later that evening to set up a second pump and thanks to his due diligence, the situation was contained. I truly appreciate how fast they responded each time we needed their help urgently. This company is dependable!

Portland, ME

I had adopted a dog from from the south in April. Sadly she became very ill with an extremely contagious and infectious disease. I had to find a cleaner that was thorough, professional and reasonable to help me rid my home of this virus and Tyson Bostrom of PuroClean was professional and attentive from the very beginning. He returns calls promptly and makes your job his priority. I was so appreciative of the recommendation from a friend I received during such a difficult time and I can only pay it forward to share my very positive experience. I cannot even begin to tell you how it felt to have such a wonderful company help us in this awful situation while being cost conscientious as well. I would highly recommend this Tyson and his company.



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What is the first thing I should do after a fire?

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Why is water damage dangerous?

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