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"PuroClean is a top notch professional company; having gone through a nightmare of mold in my apartment, they came in and worked magic. The staff is incredible, very professional and compassionate. They just helped me along the way with their smiles, advice, recommendations and help. They helped me through a very difficult time, and made me feel at ease always. Olivia was just super; always with her smile, advice and terrific sense of humor. Racqel and Brie were there at the beginning of the nightmare and explained how the process would work in terms that I could comprehend. It made the situation a bit better knowing how the team was going to work and what the outcome would be. The moving company G Metz was great as well; the guys were courteous, friendly and extremely accommodating. I will give the company and staff a ten star rating if there is such. My deep gratitude and sincere thanks to all who assisted me during the past three months; thank you for giving my life back to me and make the beginning of a New Year one of hope."

Robert K., North Kingstown RI

I called PuroClean for duct-work cleaning as we were replacing heating and AC in our house. Communication was very good. They called me as they we running some 1/2 late. Work was done thoroughly and carefully. They did leave 1 duct open, but not a big deal. Thanks!

Walpole, MA

Above & Beyond. Exceptional

Nancy M


How long does it take to remove mold?

[VIDEO] The time is directly related to the amount of mold and where it is growing. Jobs can take anywhere from 4 hours to 5 days, or longer. Every situation [...]

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Is black mold dangerous?

Yes! Black mold not only causes structural damage to buildings, exposure to black mold can cause numerous respiratory, neurological, and other health issues. [...]

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Where does mold grow in homes?

Mold commonly grows in areas that are prone to moisture, such as the basement and bathroom. However, mold can also grow in hidden areas of the home, such as behind [...]

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Does renter’s insurance cover mold damage?

Every Insurance policy is different. You should contact your broker/agent or your insurance company to determine the amount of coverage that you have. [...]

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How can I sterilize my home after taking care of a patient with the Coronavirus?

Cleaning your home after it has been compromised by someone with the Coronavirus infection is an important followup to keeping yourself and your family members safe.  Be sure to thoroughly [...]

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