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This is an excellent company that I cannot recommend highly enough. They are prompt, efficient, thorough, did an excellent job preserving what needed to be preserved. This was not the first time I've dealt with a flooded basement and of all the companies I've used this is the only one I would use again. The team they sent did an excellent job. They left the basement spotless - I don't think it's ever been this clean!


Rick Van **** is simply amazing. I honestly cannot be more grateful for his incredible and responsive service. I was really in a jam and he saved the day. An exterior side vent for my main level powder room in my townhouse rental became dislodged and allowed a constant flow of humid air to enter and initiate the growth of mold. After contacting another mold remediation company on a Friday, August 17th, I still had not received a quote by Friday, August 24th. My tenant was getting very frustrated and I was desperate to find a well rated company. After researching through multiple online sources, I came across PuroClean and reached out to Rick on Saturday morning, August 25th. Rick called me within an hour and scheduled a same day visit that afternoon for 1:30 pm. He inspected and provided me a quote and truly empathized with me on my difficult situation and agreed to perform the remediation the next morning. I can't begin to express how grateful I was for this level of customer service and willingness to help me out. Rick was ready and waiting at 8 am on Sunday morning. His knowledge, level of expertise and meticulous preparedness was outstanding. The work required - creating a safety barrier around the powder room, covering of the floors, cutting out the ceiling panel and remediating the entire area above and around the impacted area into the woodwork. He took great care to remove all decorative items in the powder room and wipe each item down with antimicrobial wash. His attention to detail was exceptional. Once everything was done, he contained and removed all the materials. Hopefully I'll never have to deal with mold remediation again but if I do, Rick's the man for the job. P. Chen via Angie's List


Thank you all so much for everything that was done. Also a special thanks to Matt who did a wonderful job. He treated our home as if it was his. Thanks.



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