24/7 Emergency Response 800-775-7876

For immediate assistance, please call our 24/7 Local Response Hotline at 800-775-7876

Local Reviews

Puroclean is always there to help us! Within 1 year, almost to date, we had 2 water related emergencies that they were on top of and helped us navigate! It’s never easy or stress free to get through emergency situations, and I’m so glad to have these amazing people to help us and just a phone call away!

Baltimore, MD

Puroclean was called in by our insurance company following water damage caused by a sewer backup. Their crew came in the next day to start the drying process and that was completed in just a day or two. On further inspection, Puroclean noticed asbestos tiles coming loose from the water damage, and coordinated another vendor with the insurance company for an asbestos abatement project. They became my advocate with the insurance company, and now I have a completely dry, asbestos-free home. Their crews packed our furniture and belongings away in a POD, and at the appropriate time, they returned to unpack and empty the POD and have it removed from our carport. This part of the process was handled with customer-service at the top of their minds; we had a brief discussion before the first piece was moved, where would I like this and that. Chase and Matthew then very quickly completed this effort, and in the process had to remove a storm door and front door to get one piece of furniture in the house. Everything was put back in place and it appears as though Puroclean was never here; obviously this company knows what they're doing. I'm completely satisfied with the service received from Puroclean and highly and enthusiastically recommend Puroclean. In a 5-star rating system, Puroclean gets 7! Thank you Puroclean.

Baltimore, MD

"Excellent Service and very thorough. Chris was extremely helpful and provided options for work."

Winston Salem NC


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