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"As if 2020 was not already a difficult year, five days before Christmas, the neighbor above me had a major water leak, which caused severe damage to my unit. I selected PuroClean from a list of companies my insurance company provided. PuroClean quickly dispatched a team to come out on a Sunday afternoon to assess the damage and the following day began removing the damaged drywall and flooring. The PuroClean service team was professional and always arrived within the time window given, which made it easy to plan out the rest of my day. I would definitely recommend PuroClean to my family and friends."


PuroClean was timely and professional in cleaning up the water damage in the lower level bathroom of our townhouse due to a frozen pipe burst. Tenzin Jigme was the field manager who arrived promptly (20-30 min.) after the emergency call. He was calm and guided us on shutting off the main valve, providing next steps for a homeowner's insurance claim and organizing a timeline for the cleanup. His team quickly removed the wet furniture and installed large fans to dry out the carpet and bathroom. We were surprised by the smooth and well-organized cleanup process, including drywall repair. Overall, I would recommend PuroClean and working with Tenzin Jigme.


"Dan led a very professional team from PuroClean following the flood of our down stairs and crawl space. Dennis sent out a team with equipment the same day we called. Dan along with Cody, Logan, Rob, Joey, Chris and Jeff from the Warrenton office did a great job drying our hardwood floors and the crawl space. They worked coordinating directly with our insurance adjuster over a three week period and I can say that if you have an emergency and need fast and professional help, this is the team for you. I highly recommend the team from PuroClean Warrenton. Great job guys!"

Springfield VA


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