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"PuroClean has the best employees and service in the Portland area. I recommend them with 100% confidence knowing the job will be done right with the highest level of satisfaction."


Okay, wow, where to start. I've been a homeowner for 4 years, and while i knew something like this could happen, i wasn't prepared for it at all. I was referred to PuroClean by my insurance agent's office because we had water seeping from under the kitchen floor, effectively ruining the floor, and the plumber i initially contacted was unable to find the primary source of the water. They showed up observing social distancing and mask protocols, took care to keep my carpets in mind when walking through the house, and kept me reassured that the leak would be found and things will be alright. Source ended up being a small hole in the kitchen sink supply line that only leaked when water was running at the faucet. Water ran down the back wall and under the flooring. It had pooled under the top part of the floor and was affecting all the cabinets and part of the living room carpet too. PuroClean kept me informed on the findings and made suggestions as to the path forward. PuroClean had to remove the top level of the floor and get the kitchen dried out. A large dehumidifier and a pair of floor air movers were brought in and run. Impressive machines, they had the water dried up pretty quickly. PuroClean also ended up needing to remove the cabinets. While i would have expected there to have been a bit of mess left over for me to clean up, when they were finished i found everything to have been vacuumed up and all the debris removed, including the damaged floor and the cabinetry! This sort of thing isn't fun by any stretch of the imagination. PuroClean came out all the way from Happy Valley to Scappoose to help me out, and i'm very grateful for their professionalism, reassurance, attention to detail, and guidance. You can tell these guys are experienced, and while i never want to have to see them again, i feel a little better knowing that they are out there.

Scappoose, OR

I used PuroClean of Orchards for a bio-hazard cleanup. They went above and beyond what I expected - they were prompt, professional, meticulous, and friendly. I highly recommend their services and I would rate them 5 stars plus!

Vancouver, WA

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