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Local Reviews

As a Property Manager, I have had several situations where I have needed restoration work. PUROCLEAN has never let me down and always exceeds my exceptions. Their communication is unlike anyone else I have used, they are always available at the drop of a dime to get there and help get it right. I would highly recommend them and would use them for my own home!

Portland, OR

Ben, Jared, Ethan & Patrick are all AMAZING!!! Wow, we had a flood in our downstairs and 5 days later...we were told to contact Ben. On a Friday afternoon, we called PuroClean, talked with Amy and she got Jared to come out. Before Jared could even come out, Ben, the owner, came and started the evaluation. Then Jared arrived and together they started working on our house. They thoroughly explained everything and walked us through what their plan was for our restoration. I just couldn't believe how they not only came right away but were able to get a pod delivered on Memorial Day. They have been nothing but exceptional, polite, kind, helpful, resourceful and professional. I also appreciated the daily calls we got from PuroClean before they came to our house to check on the status of the drying out of our house and after they had evaluated, they always gave us an update. If you are ever in doubt about needing to open a home owners claim on a flood...definitely check with your insurance agent...before you start doing your own DIY demolition. I also appreciate that PuroClean Restoration is working so easily with our insurance company to get them all the information they need for their claim. You ABSOLUTELY need to call PuroClean and have Ben come out to assess your damage!! They give you complete peace of mind knowing that they will properly restore your home.

Beaverton, OR

We called PuroClean because of a lingering smell of smoke in our home from the recent wildfires in Oregon and Washington. We were EXTREMELY impressed with the customer service provided by Duane. Kelly was very friendly and helpful on the phone and explained how to address the problem. We opted for the air scrubber machine but later added the Hydroxyl machine as well. Duane came promptly to set up the equipment and explained how to most effectively use the equipment. In a span of 24 hours our home was smoke free. I highly recommend their company over the larger National brands. Better value and much better service.

Vancouver, WA


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