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Local Reviews

"As a Contractor, we've been working with Puroclean for many years now. Recently we had Puroclean perform a substantial water damage loss for us at a historical building. They were a pleasure to work with and made the whole process so much easier to bear. Their response was unbelievably rapid and they showed exceptional communication from start to finish. Their documentation was thorough, precise, and easy to read. Let's not forget their employees are professional and so easy to work with. Honestly, I was beyond relieved to have them working with me through this unfortunate event. No project is too large for them to handle. I couldn't recommend them enough!"


Thanks to Victor for supplying expert advice and suggestions. Despite his busy schedule, he was early to my place and provide professional advice. Plus he loves cafe racers. Thank you!

Colton, OR

A home inspector told us we may have mold in the attic and recommended we have it looked at by a mold remediation company. We called PuroClean and Duane & Kelly Pierre came out to the house, took a look at the attic and explained our options. We hired them, and their team showed up on time, were knowledgeable, professional, and cordial. We're very happy with the work they did and would recommend them to others.

Battle Ground, WA


Is it okay for me to open the doors and windows?

Please do not open doors or windows. The equipment selected for every job and the process are based on having a “closed drying system.” Opening doors or windows will upset [...]

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How do I prevent mold in my bathroom?

The biggest step is to be sure the bathroom has adequate ventilation. It is important to have a properly installed exhaust fan. [...]

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Can I sue my landlord for mold or mildew damage?

You should contact an attorney if you have such concerns and your landlord does not respond as you believe he/she should. [...]

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Why is my property monitored so often?

Daily monitoring is one important aspect of the process. Industry Best Practices require this monitoring to insure that the drying process is proceeding properly. [...]

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Why does PuroClean Emergency Recovery Services need access to my house or business?

Initially PuroClean needs to get into the home or office to do the emergency remediation and mitigation work. Then, during the drying process, PuroClean will need to return each day [...]

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