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I had adopted a dog from from the south in April. Sadly she became very ill with an extremely contagious and infectious disease. I had to find a cleaner that was thorough, professional and reasonable to help me rid my home of this virus and Tyson Bostrom of PuroClean was professional and attentive from the very beginning. He returns calls promptly and makes your job his priority. I was so appreciative of the recommendation from a friend I received during such a difficult time and I can only pay it forward to share my very positive experience. I cannot even begin to tell you how it felt to have such a wonderful company help us in this awful situation while being cost conscientious as well. I would highly recommend this Tyson and his company.


Excellent communication and skills.L


When Erik came to our house to provide an estimate, he was a true professional and extremely honest - that made us decide to choose PuroClean of Natick for our work. Erik and Tyson were the consumate professionals. They talked us through each step of the process, and they did what they say they would do!" They were careful, and CLEAN when working in my home. I strongly recommend them for their service."

Bruce, Framingham, MA


Does homeowner’s insurance cover water damage from ice dams?

[VIDEO] Every Insurance policy is different. You should contact your broker/agent or your insurance company to determine the amount of coverage that you have. [...]

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What should I do with all the water that was used to put out the fire?

Water can lead to more damage such as mold growth. Reputable restoration companies also extract the water from the damaged area as part of the fire restoration procedure. [...]

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Will my insurance cover crime scene cleanup?

Insurance policies have many variables, while Crime Scene or Biohazard cleanup is often covered it is very important that you consult your insurance broker or agent to determine your specific [...]

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How can you prevent water damage in shower walls?

The bathroom is a prime area for water damage, since almost everything you do in there involve water use. To prevent water damage, you can replace torn shower curtains, dry [...]

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How do I clean my dryer vent to prevent fires?

[VIDEO] Clean the lint filter before and after each load of laundry. Don’t forget to clean the back of the dryer where lint can build up. Clean lint out of [...]

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