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We had a slow leak in the icemaker/water line behind our fridge which saturated the sub floors and ruined the laminate top floor. Insurance sent another company to access damages and long story short, when insurance company refused to pay the claim, the other company didn't return calls/emails for over a week. I found the PuroClean info online, called Charles Atkins and he went above and beyond for us. He drove back to Cleveland from another job, arrived after 5:00 p.m. and gave us an estimate, set up his equipment and got the job started. The rates were reasonable and Mr. Atkins and his crew were super nice. I can't recommend them enough nor thank them enough for saving our sub floor. Since insurance didn't cover the loss, everything has been out of pocket for us and we just thank God for sending us a company with integrity and compassion to help us thru this issue. If you ever have need for any of the services PuroClean offers, you will not be disappointed with their services. Great job and highly recommended!! Thank you Mr. Atkins and God bless you and PuroClean.


I had a washer that I was not able to turn the water off. My trailer was flooded! Charles came and set up his big fans. Vacuumed all the water out. Had to remove some of the rugs in hallway. Put those powerful fans on. Well there was no mold or mildew when he was through. I would recommend this business very highly. They are very honest and trustworthy. You will not regret calling them. In fact, like me you will recommend them too!! Thank you Charles Atkins for such a good job. You're the best!!


In short, PuroClean of Huntsville, AL is the best. They are extremely knowledgeable, honest, professional, thorough, and courteous. They had the best solution for us and saved us thousands of dollars because they DO NOT TRY TO SELL YOU things you don’t need. In detail, Kenny and Bruce Ashcraft of PuroClean know more about crawl spaces, mold, wood moisture levels, vapor barriers, dehumidifiers, and finding the correct solutions for these issues than ANYONE else. You can trust them to do things right. Our crawlspace is complex because of multiple additions. We weren’t aware until too late there were areas with no vapor barrier, no ventilation, inadequate or no air circulation, water vapor, and high moisture levels. A really bad environment. Mold and fungus had grown. It even damaged our hardwood floors. I thoroughly researched options and received proposals from multiple reputable companies. Other companies were eager to feed on our fear and tried to sell us products and services we didn’t need. The most common of which was the ever-popular encapsulation solution with one or two huge dehumidifiers. Our gut kept telling us these were wrong for our chopped up space and wouldn’t solve the problem, or even reach each area of concern. Kenny and Bruce created a unique plan for our complex space that was thousands of dollars less to install and operate than those proposals. It created both ventilation and air circulation for each area of our crawlspace without the expense of having to run huge dehumidifiers. Plus their solution didn’t cover up the walls - hiding possible sources of the moisture – along with our ability to detect future problems. PuroClean eliminated our moisture problems – period. PuroClean is also very responsive. As soon as I called, we had an appointment within two days. They conducted a thorough inspection, explained their processes and products, answered all my questions, and were extremely nice and professional. Two days later, they gave me a complete proposal with an itemized estimate. I could see exactly how they charged. Nothing was hidden or lumped together like other companies’ proposals. My documentation and pictures (before, during, and after) were easily accessible on a private, secure link. I always knew the progress of my job. They were on time, stayed on schedule, and kept me apprised of their progress. They cleaned up the mold, used a sealer to waterproof some crawlspace walls that needed it, & put down a new vapor barrier. Then installed an ATMOX SMART ventilation system with vents & fans that bring fresh air in when it’ beneficial, but close off when it would be harmful based on dewpoint. Also, fans circulate air throughout the crawlspace, dead spaces, and additions. They are so quiet we don’t hear them. The intelligent system monitors wood moisture, and calculates dew point to keep condensation from occurring, and the fresh moving air keeps humidity down and makes sure the crawl space stays dry! The one control panel in our closet upstairs keeps us informed of conditions in the crawlspace and is simple to read and use, although we rarely need to touch it. Kenny has been readily available and goes out of his way to answer any questions we’ve had since the system was installed. We rest easier with PuroClean and ATMOX follow up service and warranties, knowing that adjustments can be made, if needed, as the system is put through it’s paces in our complex crawlspace environment through our first fall winter, spring & summer - particularly this hot, humid, southern summer. If you want a company that is trustworthy and really knows crawlspace ventilation, GIVE PuroClean of Huntsville A CALL. They won’t sell you more than you need and can offer you a different, smarter solution. Whether your crawlspace is big or small, your problem simple or complex, they can solve it.

Mountain Brook, AL


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