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Our home recently flooded due to a broken toilet when we were out of town. We have never had to deal with a home related issue at this level before (and I hope I never have to again). Our homeowners ins. rep recommended 'PuroClean' to help get started with the clean-up. The very same day we filed our ins. claim, the Puroclean team was at my door with a ton of equipment to help get things dried out. Kenny, Bruce and Duke were great! Since my house is on a slab and I have hardwood floors, The guys advised me that my floor was a loss and would have to ultimately be torn out and replaced. I think Kenny really went above and beyond what was expected of him in our case. Not knowing what we could expect, Kenny took his time and explained to us the entire process of what was going to happen and the associated timeline of events concerning the rehabilitation of our home. The guys also moved the furniture out of the most affected rooms, and said they would be back to move out the rest when the time comes and....they will be back to move it all back in again once the new floors are down!! Now, I don't know if every restoration company provides this level of service, but if they don't I'm sure Kenny and the guys would be happy to show them how it SHOULD be done. Kudos to PuroClean!

Meridianville, AL

Our house flooded last Friday night and Puroclean came to the rescue that night. They quickly responded, had great customer service and workmanship.

Huntsville, AL

The PuroClean team did a great job on my restoration and remodel project. They are top notch in both the quality of work and service they provide on all fronts!



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