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Local Reviews

Mike, Jeff, and the rest of the crew were wonderful! They kept me informed throughout the entire process and made everything very easy. I was amazed at the quality of work and would highly recommend them for any project. -Heather, Benton


“We discovered mold under the carpet and on the subfloors in two bedrooms of the house. We called Puroclean and spoke with Mike Russell, the owner. Mike came out the same day and evaluated the situation. I felt Mike's quote for the entire job was very reasonable. After we authorized the work, the job was finished in two days which amazed me. Mike was hands on and we couldn't be more pleased with the crew and their professionalism. We would recommend Puroclean without hesitation. Mike and his crew were pleasant to work with and did an excellent job. Thanks for giving us peace of mind on this matter ” - Richard, Little Rock


Our water heater busted and on recommendation, they asked us to call Puroclean. They responded quickly, assessed the damage and got started the same day. They were very professional, efficient, empathetic, and compassionate. They went beyond the call of duty and they did an excellent job! 5 stars and a moon! Call them , you won't regret it! Dorothy and Melanie Turner - Dorothy & Melanie, Little Rock



Can I stay in my home during the fire damage restoration process?

[VIDEO] This depends on the degree of the damage, your home’s layout, and your comfort level. As an alternate plan, talk with your insurance agent about off-site housing and staying [...]

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How can I ensure that my home is germ-free before bringing my new baby home?

Keeping your home safe for your infant is a reasonable concern for expectant mothers.  Follow your health provider’s instructions on what to do to keep your home safe when bringing [...]

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Does homeowner’s insurance cover water damage from the roof?

[VIDEO] Every insurance policy is different. You should contact your broker/agent or your insurance company to determine the amount of coverage that you have.  [...]

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Can I add water damage to my home insurance?

You may be able to add water damage coverage to your insurance policy. Contact your insurance agent and/or adjuster to find out if you’re eligible for coverage. [...]

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How can I prevent mold growth in my home?

Preventing mold requires fixing moisture problems in your home. Repair leaks in the walls, roof, gutters, and plumbing pipes, keep indoor humidity at 30-50% by using a dehumidifier, ventilate appliances [...]

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