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From Disaster to Success: A Case of Major Fire Damage Restoration

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In Ontario, California, a retired man experienced a tragic house fire that destroyed nearly all his possessions and property. The PuroClean team in Victorville had their work cut out for them in this fire damage restoration job: the damaged items had to be removed, soot and smoke odor removal was an issue, and acquiring permits proved easier said than done. However, the team plunged headlong into getting their client his home back.

PuroClean Intervention

Upon first glance, we quickly realized the immense work ahead. The affected house had been completely engulfed by the fire, resulting in the near-complete loss of the homeowner’s possessions and widespread structural damage around the home. This necessitated major fire damage restoration and reconstruction of the property. It meant waiting for permit to begin our work and ensuring the insurance was on board. Fortunately, we were prepared to alleviate the stress and pain of dealing with the situation.

After acquiring the appropriate permits, we started the work immediately. Our team cleared out all the destroyed items from the ruins, carefully saving contents we deemed were salvageable.

Then, our team dealt with the smoke and soot residue. We cleaned all affected surfaces thoroughly to remove the soot and eliminated airborne particles. We used our state-of-the-art foggers, ozone generators, and hydroxyl generators to remove the remaining smoke odor.

We rebuilt the client’s home after cleaning the fire and smoke damage. Although this was one of the toughest fire damage restoration and reconstruction jobs our team at Victorville has completed, we gave our client a reconstructed home free of fire damage.

Thanks to our PuroClean team in Victorville, we proudly mitigated a residential disaster, much to our client’s satisfaction. We are very proud of our team’s hard work and dedication. Well done, everyone!

Thanks to the unremitting efforts of our team of diligent fire damage restoration specialists, we were able to turn around an awful situation. We are very proud of the hard work each of the members of our dedicated team accomplished. If you ever need water, fire, mold, biohazard cleanup, or reconstruction, our skilled team is ready to help. Visit our online office locator to find your nearest PuroClean office. 

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