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Mold Mayhem: A Mold Remediation For the Ages

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After a bathroom leak caused black mold on the walls and ceiling, PuroClean of Zephyrhills assisted a family with mold removal. However, the extent of the mold growth was more dire than anyone realized.

PuroClean Intervention

A Clearwater Beach family had a past roof leak repaired. However, the repaired leak had left visible water stains on the primary bathroom ceiling. The telltale signs of water damage were also prominent in the bathroom wall and ceiling adjacent to the primary bath and air conditioning closet.

After a thorough home inspection, our technicians discovered the presence of black mold in some areas. Black mold can cause adverse health effects and is incredibly dangerous to those with health sensitivities. As a result, our PuroClean team in Zephyrhills began the mold remediation process immediately. To prevent cross-contamination, we first set up plastic containments on each doorway in the rooms our technicians entered. We did not want the mold to spread further.

As the mold remediation process was underway, the mold growth had impacted more areas than we initially realized. Due to the extensive mold damage, our team removed the entire primary bathroom ceiling. A portion of the air conditioning closet walls and sections of the other bathroom’s wall and ceiling also had to be removed.

After removing the affected materials, our team treated the remaining framing with antimicrobials and peroxide to eliminate residual mold and bacteria effectively. Then, we fogged the entire home with our antimicrobial solution to neutralize and kill any potential airborne mold spores and bacteria. These treatments ensured that mold growth would not reoccur.

As a final preventive measure, we encapsulated the framing with antimicrobial paint to seal away any bacteria and avoid mold regrowth. Within a week, our mold remediation work was complete. We deployed a hygienist to collect mold samples to ensure the home was habitable again. A test conducted at a lab determined that the mold was remediated to safe levels.


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