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Hurricane Holdovers: A Massive Mold Infestation Remediation

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The effects of a hurricane can appear years later. One devastating and hazardous consequence can be mold, which happened in a senior couple's Fort Myers home. Knowing the danger, our dedicated PuroClean team in Fort Myers Shores got to work quickly to remove the extensive mold infestation, which had been present since Hurricanes Irma and Ian.

PuroClean Intervention

We completed an extensive mold infestation remediation project for an elderly couple who experienced damage from not one but two hurricanes, Irma and Ian. Since pre-existing problems also needed to be addressed, our scope of work was more significant than we initially anticipated.

When we commenced work in early January, our team encountered some obstacles. The hurricanes had caused a great deal of damage that had yet to be remedied, so we assured our clients that we would take care of it. We tackled the challenges with skill and expertise.

Our crew identified and dried out any lasting moisture using our state-of-the-art high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) certified air movers and moisture detectors. Mold thrives in moisture-rich areas, so with the help of our equipment, our technicians spotted the mold and proceeded to remove it. We wore personal protective equipment (PPE) throughout our work to ensure our safety.

After two weeks of expert, diligent, and thorough work, our team finished the extensive mold remediation in late January. Because this was one of the largest mold remediation projects that our PuroClean team at Fort Myers Shores has undertaken, our technicians were able to learn further how to deal with a mold infestation on an enormous scale. It was a great opportunity for us to gain confidence and knowledge in extreme mold removal in a professional and timely manner. Thank you to our amazing crew for their dedication and hard work!

A mold infestation can be a serious issue, so addressing it as soon as possible is important. Mold can cause health problems, especially for those who are immunocompromised. Also, it can impact your property’s structural integrity, leading to further expenses and headaches down the road. That’s why choosing an experienced and professional remediation team like PuroClean matters. We understand that every mold remediation project is unique, so we take the time to fully understand the scope of work before beginning any project. Visit our online office locator to find your nearest PuroClean office. 

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