Success Story

From Fire to Friendship: A Case of PuroClean’s Continuing Customer Service

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Our highly-qualified team from PuroClean of Allen, Texas, received a call from a man requesting fire and smoke damage restoration before he renovated his home. What initially appeared to be a run-of-the-mill house fire restoration and reconstruction job was much more extensive than anticipated.

PuroClean Intervention

Although the house fire had significantly affected the kitchen and living room, our expert crew was able to mitigate the damage, perform selective demolition, and complete the remediation process within one month. Once that was completed, the general contractor took over the renovation.

Once we wrapped up our on-site portion to mitigate the house fire damage, we met with our client to return his personal belongings that had been previously in our care.

PuroClean provides contents cleaning and pack-out service, where we clean, deodorize, and thoroughly restore salvageable personal belongings. We can even safely keep your items in our possession for as long as necessary. In this case, our client had visited us over 12 times to check up on them throughout the cleaning process. Not many companies offer such a service, so we’re very pleased that our client entrusted us with his cherished items. An avid car collector, he asked that we restore his motor tools.

When they were ready to be returned to him, he stopped by often to pick them up so he could resume working on his custom wheels. His frequent visits became a treat for those who got to know him well. This successful house fire restoration project is a testament to our dedication and expertise. We completely understand our clients’ situations and are more than happy to provide thorough communication every step of the way.


Whether your property needs fire damage restoration, water damage restoration, mold removal, or even biohazard cleanup, PuroClean promptly responds and uses the latest technology to restore your property. After the fire department has extinguished the flames, it’s time to contact PuroClean. Our experts will work with you and your insurance carrier during the entire process to ensure everything meets your satisfaction. Visit our online office locator to find your nearest PuroClean office. 

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