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a washer and dryer unit

Dryer Fire Prevention: Tips to Keep Your Dryer Running Smoothly

Many people are unaware that thousands of dryer fires happen yearly, with potentially disastrous consequences such as injuries, fatalities, and extensive property damage.

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Chargers on fire
How to Safely Extinguish an Electrical Fire

Electrical fires can begin as minor incidents, but a small spark can quickly become uncontrollable.

How to tell if water damage is new or old. Water damage on the walls.
Determining New or Old Water Damage

Water damage is a fate that most homeowners experience and it can range from minor discoloration to significant structural damage.

allergies or mold
Seasonal Mold Allergies: Is Mold the Source of Your Springtime Mold Allergy?

Spring is a joyous time when nature comes alive after a long, cold, damp, harsh winter.

PuroClean review snow removal tips and tricks.
A Homeowner’s Guide to Roof Snow Removal

The winter season is upon us! Although the season’s snowy delights charm us, snow can become a nuisance when it accumulates on our rooftops.

Spring storms can affect you without notice.
Are You Prepared for Severe Spring Storms?

As winter transitions into spring, temperatures warm up, snow thaws, and dormant nature blossoms to life.

A fire lit on a log in a fireplace
Fire Safety Tips for Electric Heaters and Fireplaces

As temperatures outside drop, many of us turn to heat equipment like space heaters, traditional fireplaces, and electric fireplaces indoors.

Winter storm safety tips for you!
Winter Storm Safety Preparedness Tips

Snow season is upon us! As we adapt to the cold temperatures, we often don't realize how much of an impact a winter storm can have on our lives until one arrives.

A wall depicting all of PuroClean's best employees
PuroClean’s Nationwide Employee Appreciation Day Campaign

At PuroClean, our employees are the driving force behind our success.

water damaged concrete
Water-Damaged Concrete: What You Need to Know

Seeing some water on your concrete floor might seem like a trivial matter.

mold removal in progress
Modern Advances in Mold Removal

Technology has made a world of difference in how we approach mold removal.

Five Home Maintenance Projects for 2023

Each year, we strive to better ourselves by making and keeping a new set of resolutions.

hurricane in progress.
Hurricane Safety Tips: Preparing for the Storm Season

A hurricane or tropical storm is a powerful and unpredictable storm that can cause immense damage along its path.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Water Damage?

Water damage restoration can be a complex issue with no easy solution.

A kitchen dishwasher leak.
Dishwasher Leaks: Repair and Prevention Tips

If you have a dishwasher, you may have had or will experience a leak.

Kitchen Fire Safety: How to Keep Your Home Safe

Kitchen fires can start small and quickly escalate into a full-blown disaster.

difference between air purifiers and dehumidifiers.
The Difference Between Air Purifiers and Dehumidifiers

You may have lived through the following scenario: you’re at home and sense that the air feels a bit stuffy.

How to Hire a Cleaning or Restoration Company After a Property Disaster

After a home disaster, many of us feel overwhelmed or unsure of what to do next.

Natural Disasters: What to Know and How to Respond

Recently, the United States has seen a rise in natural disasters that have affected communities and left behind a wake of economic devastation.

tornado alley.
Tornado Alley: What You Need to Know

A tornado is one of the most dangerous weather events that can occur.

Hail Damage and Your Property

Extreme weather can lead to unexpected property damage.

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