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Sewage Backup
Biohazard Clean Up, Water RestorationPublished February 9, 2021

Raw Sewage Biohazard Cleanup in Columbus

From the perspective of a homeowner, property manager, or tenant, there are no “good” types of property damage. However, sewage is arguably one of the absolute worst. Imagine you’re just minding your own business when suddenly – your toilets, bathtubs, and sinks all simultaneously overflow with sewage. Even as a hypothetical, this overwhelming scenario is maddening. But, what if we told you this really happened, and in Columbus, no less!

Thar She Blows! PuroClean to the Rescue

Recently, a desperate property management company called PuroClean and reported a sewer backup at one of their properties. Naturally, they knew their clients needed immediate help, urgently. The call came late in the day. Still, our crew was on the scene within an hour and worked late into the night to make sure everything was back in order.

The stinky sewage backup affected two separate units. When our team arrived it seemed like the raw sewage was coming from everywhere! It filled the bathtubs, overflowed the bathroom sinks and toilets, and even came out of the kitchen sink. The stench was putrid. It was overwhelming to all who dared to enter.

Obviously it’s no ordinary water restoration, when dealing with black water. The situation is classified as a biohazard because of the various elements that compose sewage waste. So, our technicians always take extra steps to decontaminate areas after they clean them. In this case, they applied germicidal disinfectants to all of the affected areas and set up drying equipment to remove all lingering moisture.

We are so proud of our team and the incredible work they did on this job. Because of their speed and effectiveness, the tenants were able to stay in their current apartments.

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