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Honoring Heroes: The Exemplary Dedication of the Denver Fire Department

The Denver Fire Department stands as a beacon of strength and valor in our community, showcasing steadfast commitment in times of crisis.

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climate change wildfire
Climate Change and Denver Wildfires: Impact on Property Damage and Restoration Needs

The increasing frequency and severity of wildfires in the Denver area are not just isolated incidents—they are part of a larger pattern driven by climate change.

Lightning Strikes and Fire Damage: Common Issues Faced by Denver Residents

Living in the Denver metro area comes with its own set of weather-related challenges, with one significant concern being the uncommonly high frequency of lightning storms in the region.

structural damage
Understanding the Science of Structural Damage after a Fire: Ensuring Safety and Restoration

The aftermath of a fire brings about complex challenges, especially concerning the structural integrity of buildings.

house fire
Being Fire Ready: A Comprehensive Guide to House Fire Preparedness

House fires are unpredictable and can have devastating consequences.

fire damage and soot
The Impact of Soot Deposition and Prompt Cleaning for Property Recovery

Soot deposition, a residue of incomplete combustion, presents notable dangers to properties and inhabitants, underlining the urgency of immediate intervention to mitigate potential harm.

Understanding the Influence of Dry Climate Conditions on Fire and Smoke Damage in Colorado

Colorado’s unique landscape and climate present both beauty and challenges, especially when it comes to fire and smoke damage.

insurance agent
The Role of Local Insurance Agents in Property Damage Restoration: A Case for Quality Over Cost

Local insurance agents play a crucial role in guiding their customers through the aftermath of property damage events, ensuring not just quick fixes but long-term solutions that safeguard their assets [...]

rental properties
Understanding Mold in Rental Properties: Responsibilities and Proactive Measures for Denver Residents

As a landlord or tenant in Denver, Colorado, it’s essential to grasp the implications and duties concerning mold in rental properties.

PuroClean technicians suited up to remove mold
Reflecting on Success: 2024 First Quarter Triumphs

As we stride into 2024, the first quarter has brought forth remarkable achievements for .

Denver homes
Protecting Homes: A Priority in Colorado’s Growing Housing Crisis

In light of the rising cost of living in Colorado, where the affordable housing crisis is causing stress and uncertainty for many residents, it becomes paramount for the property damage [...]

Ariel view of downtown Denver CO
Navigating Changes in Home Insurance Market: PuroClean’s Commitment to Property Damage Restoration

Recent reports from CNN shed light on the tumultuous shifts in the home insurance market, showcasing challenges faced by homeowners nationwide.

Top Reputable Reconstruction Service Providers to Consider Post-Mitigation

Once completes the mitigation and cleaning process following a water, fire, mold, or biohazard damage event, the next crucial step for clients is to find a reputable company (or companies) [...]

Fire Damage Restoration in Denver
Restoring Peace of Mind: A Comprehensive Fire Damage Restoration Project in Denver

We provided fire damage restoration after a house fire originating in one room affects the entire second floor of the home.

hardwood floor
How to Care for Hardwood Floors – Tips from Restoration Pros

Water damage can be a real disaster for hardwood floors.

lead paint
How to Identify Lead Paint in My Denver, CO Home

Discover whether or not lead paint is present in your Denver, CO home and learn about the dangers of this toxin.

radon test
5 Ways to Test for Radon in Your Denver, CO Home

Worried about the levels of radon in your Denver, CO home? Here are five methods for testing radon levels, as well as how to deal with high levels.

spring thaw
Will my Denver Home have a Spring Thaw Flood?

Prevent a Spring Thaw Flood in your Denver, CO home with these helpful tips from your friends at PuroClean of Central Denver! [...]

frozen pipe
How to Fix Frozen Pipes in Denver, CO?

Find out if frozen pipes are a problem in the Denver, CO area and how to prevent them from happening.

carbon monoxide
How Many Carbon Monoxide Detectors Do I Need in my Denver, CO Home?

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious danger in Denver, CO homes.

PuroClean Cleans up a Crime Scene in Arapahoe County

The reality of being in the restoration cleanup industry is that we are often dealing with some of the most difficult situations in people's lives.

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