Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage?

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Water can cause significant damage to your walls, ceiling, floors, and other parts of the house. While insurance may help you recover some of the losses, it does not always cater to all the damages. Here, we help you answer the question – Does homeowners insurance cover water damage? We’ll also discuss other common questions about this insurance and give you tips on dealing with water damage.

What Coverages Does Homeowners Insurance Offer for Water Damage?

When water destroys your home or some part of it, one of the questions you are likely to ask is ‘Does homeowners insurance cover water damage?’ In most cases, insurance companies offer two types of coverages to help you recover losses caused by water and conduct the needed repairs.

The first one is the dwelling coverage, which pays for structural destruction. An example of when this policy may be relevant is if a pipe bursts suddenly and damages your drywall. The second type of insurance applicable to water damage is personal property coverage. This policy can help you recover damages to your belongings caused by a covered peril. For instance, if water from a leaking pipe destroys your books, documents, and computers, the insurer may pay for repair and replacement.

Types of Water Damage Covered by Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance covers a wide range of damage caused by water. However, the coverage will depend on other factors, such as how the destruction occurred and if you could prevent it by conducting necessary repairs earlier. 

Examples of damages that the insurance can cover include:

  • Accidental overflow from an appliance such as a washing machine
  • Mold caused by pipe leakage
  • Damage caused by a snowstorm
  • Water damage from fire extinguishing

When considering a policy or filing a claim, property owners often ask, ‘Does homeowners insurance cover water damage caused by vandalism?’ Most standard policies can cover water damage resulting from deliberate destruction by a third party. But, this clause will not apply if your home remains unoccupied for 60 or more days unless you have a vacant home endorsement in your policy.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage from Leaks?

Leakages are the most common causes of major and minor water damage. If not detected early and fixed, a leaking pipe can burst and destroy your home or gradually lead to mold and moss growth. Standard homeowners insurance can cover some of the damages from leaks, but the cause has to be sudden or accidental. 

For instance, if your bathroom pipe bursts out of nowhere, your insurer may cater to most of the destruction. On the other hand, if you fail to repair a leaking pipe, then it bursts and causes secondary damage to your home, you will bear the costs.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage from Rain and Floods?

Heavy rainfall, especially when accompanied by strong winds, can damage a roof and cause water leakage. After such an occurrence, a property owner is likely to wonder – Does homeowners insurance cover water damage caused by rainfall

A homeowners insurance policy can cover damage resulting from rain if the water enters a residence from a covered peril. For instance, if an ice dam collapses some part of your roof and lets in water, which then damages your belongings, you will receive reimbursement.

On the contrary, the insurer will not cover the water damage if it resulted from an issue that you should have rectified. Such pre-existing problems may include a broken window, a hole in your attic, or missing roof shingles.

What Is Gradual Damage, and Does My Homeowner Insurance Policy Cover It?

does homeowners insurance cover water damage?

Gradual damage is the deterioration that occurs in a home due to an undetected or uncorrected issue. For example, if your kitchen sink waste pipe is leaking, it can lead to the growth of molds on the walls and in your base cabinets. Similarly, a leaking bathroom pressure pipe will slowly rot your wall lining and floorboards. Since fixing such types of secondary destruction can be costly, you may find yourself asking the question, ‘Does homeowners insurance cover water damage that occurred gradually?’

Insurers do not cater to any water destruction that you would have prevented through repairs. Once you file a water damage claim, they will inspect your home to detect the cause of the issue. If they determine that the problem was present for an extended period and you did not conduct the needed repairs, you may lose the claim.

Tips on How to Deal with Water Damage

Water can cause significant damage to your property and, in severe cases, put your life at risk. Once you identify that your home has water damage, it is always vital to act fast to prevent further harm. The first step to take is to cut off the electricity supply by switching off all circuit breakers. 

If the leakage comes from a pipe, shut off the valves to stop its flow while seeking emergency help. Besides, pick your valuables and evacuate flooded rooms as you wait for damage restoration experts to arrive. Other ways to deal with water damage are:

  • Wear protective clothing such as rubber gloves and shoes when entering flooded rooms
  • Call a plumber to repair broken pipes
  • Look out for mold to identify hidden leakage
  • Protect your valuables by placing them in a dry area
  • Mop off excess water

Apart from that, it is always advisable to contact your insurance provider as soon as you can. These experts can answer questions like- ‘Does homeowners insurance cover water damage and guide you in the process of filing a claim?’. Finally, you should take photos of the affected areas and damaged belongings to serve as evidence for your insurance claim. 

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Last edited on 16th of October 2023