puddle of water on wooden floor

PuroClean Client Highlight: Mike Rawls


I’m Mike Rawls. My wife and I have been in Austin for about 2 years now. My grandmother, who has lived in the same house in Garland since 1953 … It’s a two story house and she had a water loss upstairs. She would be the type that would hope that that situation just goes away. It was pretty important that we sent the right people over there that we knew we could trust that would be able to take care of her situation. A lot of concerned grandkids and kids when we’re talking about our grandmother here. We knew that we needed to address that, and I just felt like Jim was the right person.

She had a toilet line upstairs. It was essentially clean water, but it did happen upstairs and worked its way down through the floors and presented itself in a ceiling downstairs. There was a lot of hidden water. They had to go over there with infrared cameras and moisture meters and figure out everything that was wet. There was a little bit of contaminated material that had to be removed, and then the structure itself had to be dried.

They met the adjuster out there on site, went over the whole thing. Almost adjusted the claim. That insurance policy was set up from 1985 when my granddad bought it. She had absolutely no idea, and they were able to take her through that process.

They were able to not only take care of the water damage, but they were able to give us local people that we could use to do a little bit of the rebuild work that had to happen. That was really nice, that we had not only the water damage taken care of but also everything else just laid out for us to get her from start to finish, and they did. They did a fantastic job.

Peace Of Mind

If you have a loved one with water damage in their home, PuroClean can fix the problem and give you peace of mind.

Last edited on 25th of July 2022