Hey Cincinnati and Dayton…Get Your Home Weather Ready Before the Cold!

Water Restoration

Cold weather is coming and with it possibly snow and ice. The weather in Ohio is known to cause costly damages if you’re unprepared. Follow these quick tips to help you save some money and headaches.

Check the seal of your doors. Pick a dark night and take a flashlight outside with you. Have someone stand on the inside of your home. Shine the light all around the door- anywhere light is coming in so is cold air! Use a self-adhesive weather strip and/or add a new rubber strip to the threshold.

Insulate your pipes and attics. By wrapping your pipes, you help prevent them from freezing and bursting. Pipe insulation can be purchased from your local hardware store and self-installed. If you feel safe, check your attic for adequate insulation. If need be, call a professional for an inspection. Since heat rises, your home could be losing a lot of energy if your attic is poorly insulated.

Be sure to remove all outside spigots and window air conditioning units. Be sure to properly store hoses and A/C units.

Check your gutters. Clogged gutters get heavy and will eventually pull away from the home. This leaves a gap that can cause an ice dam or a potential water intrusion point. Cleaning your gutters safely and install leaf guards if needed.

For more tips or for help with any water or mold concerns feel free to call our office at 937-401-9700 or 513-897-8990.

Last edited on 30th of September 2020