Why Choose PuroClean Emergency Services

PuroClean offers mold removal services to stem the tide of mold, as well as cleaning and sanitization, including mold odor removal to restore your home or business to its original condition. Removal of mold can be a serious endeavor, and PuroClean has the expertise and technology for the job.

Thorough Cleanup

We treat mold-damaged property as if it were our own. PuroClean’s remediation experts use the latest technology to identify both mold and the moisture source that feeds it.

Ongoing Communication

We keep you and your insurance agent informed at every step of the cleanup process to ensure everyone involved understands what’s happening and what to expect.

Industry Certified Technicians

PuroClean’s technicians are thoroughly screened, fully insured, and exceptionally qualified to remediate property damage.

State-of-the-art technology

PuroClean’s mold remediation professionals first identify the extent of the problem, and then work with care and sensitivity to rescue the affected area and restore it to normal conditions.

Why choose Puroclean of Moraine or West Chester for your Moraine, OH and West Chester, OH mold removal needs?

Have you noticed green or black mold growth anywhere in your home or business? Have you begun to notice an escalation in allergy symptoms while indoors? Contact PuroClean Emergency Services to assess your mold problems and provide you with the best action plan for mold remediation. We want to stop mold in its tracks and stop it from spreading throughout your home or office. We are happy to provide you with a free estimate from one of our top certified mold technicians. The best part- you can simply text us the details of your mold problem and we will either call with questions or provide you a no obligations estimate for FREE! 

In Depth Mold Removal Estimate 

PuroClean of Moraine and PuroClean of West Chester employee AMRT and WRT certified technicians that can help locate your moisture source that is feeding the mold. By correcting the moisture problem we can then eradicate the mold using HEPA vacuuming and HEPA filtration. We have also found success in using a spray process if needed. Following the mold removal, technicians will deodorize your premises and provide preventive measures as needed. It is crucial to use a professional company when dealing with black mold or mold of any color. 

PuroClean of Moraine and PuroClean of West Chester Mold Removal Services Include:

Our certified mold professionals will inspect your mold damage and confirm that your home or business is adequately restored by following strict procedures. We will also provide a letter detailing our process for any future home or business sales. Our process includes the following:

Full Mold Removal

1. We begin by performing a mold examination with a detailed inspection of your premises for all signs of mold. This process can also be done via texted photos if preferred. We then proceed with a full mold removal, during which we remove all mold from your home or business. We will use sprays, HEPA vacs, air scrubbers, demo if needed and necessary contamination. 

2. After all the mold is gone, if needed, we will deodorize the site. This includes cleaning and sanitizing the structure, fixtures, and content.

3. HEPA Air Filtration and HEPA vacuuming equipment is used to eliminate all moisture and help evaporate water.

Containment in Affected Area(s)

Depending on the amount of mold damage, varying levels of containment will be used to prevent mold spores from traveling to other areas. This includes closing windows and doors to other rooms, covering HVAC vents, using polyethylene partitions to seal the area and maintain negative pressure with HEPA-filtered fans. We will also ask you as the home owner or business owner to refrain from entering areas with containment. 


Once mold is abated, the musty odors usually vanish. Further deodorization will be conducted if required.

Cleaning & Sanitation of Structure, Fixtures & Contents

The mold removal procedure will include saving certain items and getting rid of various items. The porous materials like ceiling tiles and insulation may need to be removed. Contingent on the severity of mold and after drying, other surfaces affected will be carefully cleaned with specialized vacuums, damp wipes and HEPA vacuums.

HEPA Air Filtration and HEPA Vacuuming

High-Efficiency Particulate Air, or HEPA, filtration and vacuuming is the EPA standard. This equipment allows air and dust to be filtered through, trapping mold in the filter, expelling clean air to your home or office. Mold is measured in microns and these filters are centered on capturing those mold microns. 

Our Process

Our mold abatement specialists start by returning the mold inhabited area to pre-mold conditions and then turn their attention to performing full mold odor removal from the site. Our advanced deodorization process will leave your home or business completely restored and help deter recurrences. PuroClean of Moraine, OH and PuroClean of West Chester, OH works closely with indoor environmental professionals (IEPs) and laboratories in a tandem effort to protect you and your family from potentially hazardous mold conditions. We are happy to present a thorough estimate along with photos, to your insurance agent or adjustor. We do not test our own work and can recommend a third party hygienist or you can use your own.  

Our certified and trained technicians are always ready to respond to your mold emergency quickly and efficiently. Our technicians are very familiar with the frustration you’re experiencing with this potential health danger. PuroClean promises to keep the lines of communication open during this process. We also promise to use the latest tools and techniques to cleanse your home or business of all mold, while maintaining full respect for your all of your property.

Common Questions About Mold Removal

Can I clean up black mold myself?

It is strongly recommended that you call on a professional to for mold removal over 10 square feet no matter what color. When mold is disturbed without the use of the best tools and techniques, it may spread quickly. Allow PuroClean of Moraine, OH or PuroClean of West Chester, OH to handle the mold removal for you, leaving you with peace of mind that the mold was removed safely and completely. We’re ready to respond to your call now at 937-401-8700 or 513-897-8990.

Is mold damage covered by my insurance?

Each agent and policy is different. Connect with your insurance agent to determine the coverages and amounts. Most mold will not be covered unless tied to a sudden and accidental water loss, PuroClean cannot determine policy coverages, but will work with your adjuster as needed. 

Still Have Questions? 

Feel free to call or email us; 937-401-9700 or 513-897-8990 email at bhurst@purocleandayton.com place “MOLD HELP” in the subject line.

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