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The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Mold Off Wood Furniture

In this article: Mold is more than an aesthetic concern; it poses a significant health threat, aggravating allergies and causing respiratory issues.

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Tips to Remove Mold from Washing Machines

In this article: Washing machine mold, which is typically found on the rubber gasket of front-loading machines, is a common household problem.

How to Prevent Mold in HVAC Systems

Mold can easily grow in an environment that is rich in moisture and organic material, and with temperatures between 32 and 120 degrees.

How to Remove Mold in the Kitchen

Mold is a common sight in many areas of the home where dampness and warmth exist.

How to Remove and Prevent Mold in the Garage

Mold, including potentially harmful black molds, thrives in humid environments that have little ventilation and sunlight.

How to Remove Mold on Grout in the Shower: Quick Guide

Mold and mildew, those pesky inhabitants of humid and damp environments, often find a cozy abode within the confines of bathrooms.

Mold in Car: How to Remove Mold in Your Car

Mold In Car: How Could This Happen? Mold and mildew thrive in humid, warm, and dark environments.

Buyer Beware: What You Need to Know About Buying a House with Mold

In this article: Buying a home is a dream for many, but what if that ideal residence comes with an uninvited tenant? Yes, we’re referring to mold.

Can Mold Grow on Concrete?

In this article: Can mold grow on concrete? While we often associate mold with damp and porous materials such as drywall and fabric, it might surprise you that concrete is [...]

Mold on Wood: How to Remove Mold from Wood

Mold growth will manifest as black spots, green streaks, or white discoloration on wood.

Mold in Toilet: How to Remove Mold in Toilet

Have you noticed gross, black mold in your toilet? If you have mold in toilet, don’t fret because there are simple techniques to eliminate it without using chemicals.

Mold on Windows: Causes and Prevention Tips

In this article: Mold is an unwelcome guest in any home, and when it appears on your windows, it can be particularly frustrating.

Flash Flood Facts: 15 Must-Know Facts

Picture this: torrential downpours, melting snow, and overwhelmed city drains.

Driving Safety Tips for Holiday Travelers

Planning a road trip for the holidays? Make sure you are prepared as the driving conditions during this time of year are extra dangerous.

How to Prevent Ice Dams

In this article: Ice dams can be both a major nuisance and a costly problem for homeowners who live in areas of heavy snowfall during the winter.

Brace Yourself, Winter is Coming!

Winter weather varies from region to region, but regardless of where you are, it is very likely at some point to face some severe winter weather accompanied by dangerously low [...]

Winter Storm Safety Preparedness Tips

In this article: Snow season is upon us! As we adapt to the cold temperatures, we often don’t realize how much of an impact a winter storm can have on [...]

Senior Safety During the Holidays

The holiday season is a time to enjoy the company of loved ones.

How to Keep Your Pets Safe this Thanksgiving

While Thanksgiving is a special holiday for family and friends, it does pose some dangers to your pets.

Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Your Home

Turkey? Check! Sweet potatoes? Check! Fire extinguisher? No? Before organizing your Thanksgiving Day dinner menu, don’t forget to incorporate safety into your plans.

How Good Are Circuit Breakers in Avoiding House Fires?

Electrical wiring, cords, and plugs, switches, and outlets can cause massive damage to your property or your family.

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