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Water Leaks in Your Home: What You Need to Know

Water leaks can occur anywhere in your home and can be caused by a variety of issues.

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How Is Your Roof Handling the Snow? Tips for Commercial Buildings

The accumulation of snow on rooftops can cause severe damage to commercial buildings.

How Can I Protect My Pets During Snowstorms?

Outdoor animals are exposed to great risks during snowstorms.

How to Shovel Snow Properly

When our driveways are covered in snow, we either remove the snow with snow blowers or – the old-school way – using shovels.

Practice candle safety this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) encourages everyone to use candles safely and avoid ruining a romantic evening.

Tips to Safely Remove Snow from a Roof for 2022

Even though most building codes require that residential roofs support the most significant snowfalls in your area, there is still a risk of roof damage.

Home Heating Safety Tips

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), about half of the reported home heating fires occur during the winter months.

Time is Your Enemy – the Importance of Acting Quickly after a Disaster

When a disaster strikes, it is imperative to respond quickly in order to prevent further damages and complications.

10 Ways to Keep Indoor Air Fresh

Air pollution occurs not only outside, but also inside our homes.

Winter Storm Safety Tips for Homeowners

Many winter storms last for days on end and can easily cause major problems for those who are not prepared.

Tips for Celebrating New Year’s Eve Safely

The beginning of the New Year is quickly approaching and you’ve likely already made plans for the event.

Safety Tips for Winter Driving

Traveling in extreme winter weather can be very dangerous.

How to Drive Safer as It Gets Darker Earlier

As we progress towards the end of the year, the days are getting shorter, which means it’s getting darker faster.

Create a Car Emergency Kit for Wintertime

Earlier this week we talked about safety while driving in winter conditions.

How Do I Use a Fire Extinguisher Safely?

When a fire breaks out in your home, you only have a few minutes to act.

How to Make a Fire Escape Plan

According to a National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) survey, only one of every three American households has developed and practiced a home fire escape plan.

How to Mitigate Home Smoke Damage

If you’ve ever burned something, you may realize that the odor of smoke can quickly fill a house.

Workplace Fire Safety Tips

Fire emergencies in the workplace can lead to injuries, property damage, and sometimes death.

Kitchen Fire Safety: How to Keep Your Home Safe

Kitchen fires can start small and quickly escalate into a full-blown disaster.

2022 Holiday Party Safety Checklist

It’s that time to kick back and indulge in the holiday celebrations! While we don’t want to shy anyone away from the fun of parties, we want to remind you [...]

How to Remove Mold Stains from Clothes and Fabric

Damp clothes or fabrics can easily be infested with mold if they’re not dried in time.

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