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Fire Restoration, In The Community Published July 15, 2020

How To Keep Your Pets Safe From A Fire

For those of us who have pets, regardless if they are a dog, cat, guinea pig, rabbit or, even a pet turtle, we love them like family. Therefore, we want to keep them as safe a possible. Every July 15th is designated as NATIONAL PET FIRE SAFETY DAY. We can not think of a better time to go over a few steps to ensure your pets are safe during a fire. Listed below are a few suggestions to do just that.

If you do not already have fire monitors in your home, consider installing them now. Fire monitors going off can alert the fire department to respond, regardless if you are home or not. If you do have fire monitors in your home, check and replace the batteries 2 times a year. We recommend when we turn back or forward the clocks, Or on New Year’s Day and the Fourth of July. * Tip be sure to use NEW FRESH BATTERIES. If you are like a lot of Americans, we keep an overstock of batteries. However, they can expire, even if they have never been used.

Know your pets favorite places to hide and nap. Animals often can sense stress. When this happens, they like to hide, especially our feline friends. It is a good idea to get them comfortable being in their carrier or crate. Practice makes perfect, and putting them in their carrier during a non stressful event, will keep them from playing hide and seek should a real emergency occur.

It is always a good idea to have an emergency escape plan for your family. Plan and practice escape and meeting places. Practice retrieving your pet when you exit the property. Never attempt to go back into a property that is on fire. Wait for the fire department.

Get rescue alert stickers for your front door or front windows notifying emergency responders there are pets in your home. Make sure to include the number of pets you have, their name, and the number of your vet. If you have safely evacuated from the home, with your pets, and it safe to do, write evacuated across the sticker. Alert stickers can be obtained FREE through the ASPCA online form. http://www. aspca.org. Many pet stores carry them as well. Often fire departments have them.

Pet proofing you home is important. Never leave a pet in a room with a burning candle that can be knocked over, be mindful of pets around fireplaces ,loose knobs on stoves and heaters, and loose exposed wires and outlets.

It is a good idea to have your fur kids micro-chipped. Pets can become frightened and runoff. If someone finds your pet they can easily be identified and returned to you. Have an ID tag made for your pet with your pet’s name and your name and phone number on it. Include their Rabies tag on their collar, and any medical needs they may have. Keep these tags up to date.

If you have to evacuate your home for any purpose, make sure you have a pet evacuation kit prepared, with extra leashes, food, bottles of water, medicine, favorite toys, treats, blankets, harness, and muzzles. Keep a current picture of your pet handy, should you get separated. Include the name and phone number of their vet. Keep extras leashes close to the exits in your home. Make sure you know what shelters accept pets. Keep a list handy of the local kennels. Digitally store your pet’s medical records and build a lost- pet flyer to have printed and distributed both in your area and on social. Being prepared is the best way to help keep your pets safe should a crisis arrives.

You can find out more information by visiting the Aspca, or your local humane society.

Should you have the unfortunate event of a fire, contact PuroClean Restoration Professionals. We can help get your property back to good health, so you, your family, and pets return to the comfort of your home.

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