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What Makes a Difference to Our Customers?

Biohazard Clean Up
PuroClean's 5 Star Rating, rated by our customers!
PuroClean’s 5 Star Rating, rated by our customers!

Here at PuroClean of Auburn and Natick, our goal is to help our customers get through their property damage situation quickly, easily, and correctly. We hold ourselves to high standards so that our customers can move on with their normal lives as quickly as possible! We pride ourselves on our customer service, quality of work, and transparency with our clients.

Customer Service

We value customer service above almost everything at PuroClean. We try to put ourselves in the shoes of every client to understand what they are going through. Even though we have seen thousands of jobs of varying severities, most likely this is the customer’s first. It may be a small job, but to them it is the most important job, and we understand this. We work hard to keep everyone in the loop and to communicate exactly how the job is progressing. Whether it is water, fire, mold, biohazard cleanup, or anything in between. We know it is stressful and we do our best to try and help the client along the unfortunate journey they are going through.

Quality of Work

Obviously quality of work is extremely important. All of our technicians go through extensive training to make sure that when duty calls they are on top of their game. Practice makes perfect so we regularly have training days where our guys get to brush up on their skills in a controlled environment and can perfect their work. It is also important that we can trust each other to get the job done right. We have a tight-knit group of workers who hold each other accountable and work very well together. From our office staff to our production crews everyone knows everyone’s role so that we can do the job the right way for our customers.


Being in touch with insurance, our client, and anyone else that needs to be kept informed on a job is extremely crucial in our line of work. We want everyone to be on the same page at all times to avoid any kind of confusion while a job is being done. This includes making sure the property owner knows when we will be at the job, making sure that we meet with insurance if necessary to create a plan on how we are going to move forward, and of course updating everyone on when the job will be completed and life can go back to normal!


What all this work has helped us achieve is a five-star rating on google which we hold highly and are very proud of. Our goal is to help people and make a terrible situation more bearable. If you ever need PuroClean’s help we have a 24/7 Live answering service where you can reach a real person at any time should an emergency appear, please give us a call at our Auburn location at 774-321-3232 or our Natick office at 781-474-0200. Whether you are in Springfield, Shrewsbury, Natick, or somewhere in between PuroClean is ready to help!

Last edited on 30th of March 2023