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Hearing Impaired Specialized Smoke Detectors

Smoke detector for hearing impaired [...]

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odor removal
What is that Smell? How to Remove Unwanted Smells in Your Home

There are many possible reasons why an unpleasant smell lingers in your house.

Are You Prepared for a FIRE in Your Dayton and Cincinnati Home??

Most people will answer “no” to the above question.

Busted Pipe after Freezing
Preventing Pipes from Freezing in Ohio Weather

Frozen water pipes can result in significant to extreme water damage, and the cost to repair is often huge! The following tips can help you prevent pipes from freezing.

holiday safety tips
Dayton and Cincinnati: Be Fire Smart this Holiday Season

The holiday season is just around the corner! Christmas trees, along with their decorations and lights, play a big part during the joyous holiday season.

Ladder Safety 101: Be in the know: Cincinnati and Dayton

Planning to decorate for Christmas or finish up those projects? Ladder Safety is crucial! Do you like to be handy around your house, taking care of all the little and [...]

Traveling Family
Thanksgiving Travel

Travel looks very different with COVID-19.

Christmas tree safety
The Christmas Tree Debate…Real vs Fake

Dayton and Cincinnati have some amazing tree lots and options for cutting down you’re own tree, but do you want a live tree or an artificial tree??Each has its own [...]

What To Do When You Have Wet Drywall

Let’s talk about drywall.

Do I need a Generator?

The short answer is yes! Any home of office could benefit from having a back up generator.

Household Chemicals Part 2

Household Chemicals Part Two Last week we talked about household chemicals and the dangers they pose to your family.

MRSA Home Cleaning Tips
Household Chemicals

Cincinnati and Dayton are home to some of the largest manufacturers of chemicals and home cleaners.

Hey Cincinnati and Dayton…Get Your Home Weather Ready Before the Cold!

Cold weather is coming and with it possibly snow and ice.

Wet Crawl Space??

It is always important to control water entry into buildings, especially crawl spaces.

Labor Day at Home: Fireworks Safety for Cincinnati & Dayton

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), fireworks cause on average 1,300 structure fires, 300 vehicle fires, and 17,000 other fires resulting in thousands of injuries each year.

Is Cigarette Smoke Odor Impacting the Sale of Your Cincinnati or Dayton Home/ Condo?

Tobacco smoke is a complex mixture of 7,000 compounds.

Rain, Rain, Go Away…Please don’t come inside to stay!!

As storms are moving through Cincinnati and Dayton water is possibly entering your home or office and affecting your drywall.

Hey Cincinnati and Dayton…Take a Moment to Clean the Machine!

How to Prevent Mold in Washing Machines • Use proper detergent only.

Becky Edgren…ROCKSTAR

WOMAN-OWNED PUROCLEAN FRANCHISE NAMED 2020 FRANCHISE ROCK STAR BY FRANCHISE BUSINESS REVIEW  Franchisee Satisfaction Research Firm Recognizes Ohio-Based PuroClean Franchise Owner, Becky Edgren, in the Women Category Tamarac, FL – [...]

The Greater Cincinnati and Miami Valley areas are common for mold allergens…You’re washing machine shouldn’t be!

Washing machine mold, which is typically found on the rubber gasket of front-loading machines, is a common household problem.

Pop-Up Storms Expected, Reason Enough to get a Generator!

Benefits of Using a Portable Generator in Ohio 1.

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