A community-focused emergency restoration company

At PuroClean of Redmond/Woodinville, we understand that property damage is a big disruption to your daily life. But repairing this damage is about more than repairing your property. It’s about getting your life back to normal as soon as possible.

That’s where we come in. Whether it’s fire, water, mold or biohazard damage, count on our technicians to rescue your property and help you resume your normal life.

We serve Redmond, Woodinville, Bellevue, Kirkland, and surrounding areas 24/7. Our goal with every customer is to arrive on-site within two hours of the initial call.

In addition, you’re always in the know with PuroClean of Redmond/Woodinville. Our team members will answer all your questions and keep you up to date on the restoration progress. As a customer, you can expect a thorough recovery process starting the minute you contact us.

Call us at (425) 488-7688 or email us at [email protected] to schedule a visit today.

Meet Craig Hawkins, PuroClean of Redmond/Woodinville owner

This desire to help the people is at the core of why Craig joined PuroClean. Craig has spent his entire adult life helping people in need, whether as a paramedic or a restoration specialist. Craig and his wife Jenny raised their family in Woodinville.

He volunteers with and supports Northshore Community Church, Save the Storks, Vision House, Legacy Institute, World Vision, Show Hope, and the Business Network Institute of Woodinville.

Craig is also a member of the Master Builders Association, Built Green, Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification, Indoor Air Quality Association, and Association of Washington Business.

“We feel God has placed us in this community to make a difference and to give us an opportunity to serve others,” says Craig.

PuroClean Franchise of the Year

Craig Hawkins and his team received the esteemed 2019 PuroClean Franchise of the Year award. We received this honor at the PuroClean Awards Broadcast, conducted remotely due to COVID-19 on June 17th, 2020.

This is the highest honor a PuroClean office can receive. And we came out on top from a list of over 300 PuroClean offices! The award is based on total sales, compliance, growth, and other performance-based criteria. We’re very proud of our efforts to be there for our community when they need us most and are humbled by being named the top PuroClean location of the year!

Our Team

Craig Hawkins


Craig Hawkins, the owner of PuroClean of Redmond/Woodinville, brings decades of experience to the table. A former paramedic, he also gained valuable experience as a construction foreman before beginning his own business building homes. He also began his own businesses in water, fire, and mold damage remediation before joining PuroClean.
Wendy G. PuroClean

Wendy G.

Executive Administrator

Wendy is our Executive Administrator. A talented dynamo, she has been with us for over six years. She and her husband owned a granite and tile company, and her husband is currently the manager of a high-end granite and stone shop in Seattle. She is the mother of two amazing grown children.

Fong C. PuroClean

Fong C.

Lead Supervisor

Fong is our Lead Supervisor and helps manage production. He has been with us for nearly a decade and is a very detail-oriented leader whose specialty is customer service and excellence in all he does. He’s the lead instructor for our new hires and holds them to the highest standards. Fong is married with two beautiful daughters.
Voua C. PuroClean

Voua C.

Field Supervisor

Voua is a Field Supervisor. Voua has achieved the highest certification possible and has shown the initiative to be a leader. He has a strong interest in taking care of you and getting your home clean in the least disruptive way possible. Voua is competent in making sure the customer is informed, comfortable and confident the work is being done with the highest standards.​

Brandon L. PuroClean

Brandon L.

Field Supervisor

Brandon is a Field Supervisor. Brandon has achieved the highest certification possible and is a great leader. He has excellent customer rapport as he is genuine and attentive to the customer's needs which comes through his genuine love for taking care of the issues that arise from water damage.
Mark K. PuroClean

Mark K.

Field Supervisor

Mark is a Field Supervisor. Mark has been with us for nearly four years and is known for his quality work and excellence. His depth of knowledge is rich whether he is engaged in a water, mold or, a fire situation.

Orlando J. PuroClean

Orlando J.

Field Technician

He has a long background with us and in this industry. He specializes in both water and mold and is an expert in insulation services. You’ll love engaging with him as he is a hard worker and easy with a smile.
Tony C. PuroClean

Tony C.

Field Technician

Tony is one of our gifted remediators. He has the ability to finish jobs that are not even possible by other technicians. We know if the situation is difficult or tricky, we can put Tony on the job. If you think you have a tough scenario, he has probably already done it.


We are proud members of the following organizations and have the highest of certification.







Super Service Award

Super Service Award

PuroClean Franchise of the Year 2019

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