Avoid Water and Fire Disasters with These Smart Home Devices

Water Restoration


Unfortunately, even the most cautious homeowners can experience fire or flooding in their homes. In recent years, however, it has been possible to diminish that risk with smart home devices that can detect danger before it has time to wreak havoc on your home.

These devices are connected to your Wi-Fi network and send you alerts via your smartphone if it detects something dangerous. Here are some smart devices you can have in your home to help prevent water damage and fire disasters.

Smart Water Leak Detectors

  • These compact battery-operated devices are placed near plumbing fixtures and appliances, such as sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and water heaters.
  • You can set them up to immediately sound an alarm or alert your smartphone (or both), if a leak occurs. This allows you to act fast, whether you’re at home or away.
  • Some smart leak detectors come with automatic shut-off valves that you can control remotely.
  • For more protection and control, install a complete flood monitoring system, which you can connect to your smart home security system.

Smart Smoke and CO Alarms

  • These devices send an alert to your smartphone if they detect smoke or carbon monoxide (CO), or if the device has a low battery.
  • If you connect them to your smart home security system, it can send alerts to your smartphone and the fire department in an emergency.
  • Some smart smoke detectors can shut down your HVAC system if it detects smoke. This prevents smoke from spreading to other areas of the home.
  • Use them in conjunction with fire/heat detectors for the best protection against fire.

Smart Fire Detectors

  • Smart fire detectors send an alert to your smartphone when:
    • there’s a rapid rise in temperature (rate-of-rise detection) or
    • the temperature reaches a fixed point
  • You can opt for combination heat detectors that provide both fixed and rate-of-rise detection
  • They can also be connected to your central security system for better control and protection.

Smart Batteries

  • If you don’t want to replace regular smoke alarms with smart ones, equip them with smart batteries.
  • Smart batteries send instant smartphone updates if one of the smoke detectors goes off or when the battery is low.
  • These batteries are compatible with smoke and CO detectors, as well as fire detectors.

Smart Oven Shut-off Devices

  • As unattended cooking is the main cause of house fires, an automatic oven shut-off device can greatly help to avoid kitchen fires.
  • They come as oven knobs or as devices installed to a kitchen cabinet.
  • A Smart oven shut-off device automatically turns off the stovetop or oven when cooking is left unattended. It does so by using a motion sensor that can tell if you are in the kitchen. If you leave the kitchen, the device starts a timer and, if you’re not back in the kitchen by the end of the countdown, it will shut off the oven.

Smart Outlets

  • These are electrical outlets that you can turn off remotely via an app on your smartphone. That helps if you’ve left home and are worried you forgot to shut off an appliance or even your lights.
  • Smart outlets can be voice controlled if you’ve connected them to smart devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Even with all the proper safety measures in place, disasters can still occur. If that happens, call the professionals to help you get your home and life back on track. For professional fire damage restoration and water damage restoration, contact your local PuroClean office.

Last edited on 1st of March 2019