Beware of These 8 Backyard Dangers

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8 common dangers in your backyard

Enjoying the fresh air in your backyard is a pleasant way to spend time. Unfortunately, accidents can happen and spoil your backyard fun. Here’s a list of the most common backyard dangers to keep in mind:

1. Garden Tools

Backyard work can leave you exhausted and you might forget to gather your tools and secure them. You don’t want yourself or someone in your family to slip or fall on a tool and get injured. Make sure to remove backyard tools and put them away after you finish using them.

2. Slippery Grass

Walking on the grass feels good, but it won’t end well if the grass is wet or full of weeds. Slips are common in these conditions. It’s why you should always weed your backyard and walk carefully when the grass is wet to reduce the chance of slipping.

3. Pesticides

Using strong pesticides is a danger to your family. These chemicals can contaminate the air in the backyard for days and can even rub off on kids and pets. Children are more susceptible than adults to the effect of pesticides because their immune system is weaker. Here are some Environmental Protection Agency tips to maintain your backyard without pesticides.

4. Big Umbrella

Having a big umbrella in your backyard may not seem dangerous, but it can be blown off balance by the wind, causing havoc in your backyard. To avoid injuries (and embarrassment), reinforce it with a patio umbrella weight, a cantilever umbrella base or even an umbrella sand bag.

5. Dog Poop           

Although some types of feces are natural fertilizers, dog poop is not. It’s actually filled with dangerous bacteria. Some of these bacteria can enter your skin without your knowing. Always clean up after your dog and avoid being barefoot in your backyard.

6. Ticks

Not only is it scary to have an insect stick its head into your skin, but ticks can cause Lyme disease. Check for ticks on your skin regularly, as well as for bull’s eye rashes. To help prevent ticks from hanging out in your backyard, keep the grass and weeds trimmed, and remove wood piles.

7. Backyard Fires

Grills, fire pits, and patio heaters are common dangers in your backyard. To keep your backyard parties and get-togethers safe from activities that involve fire, follow these backyard fire safety tips. Don’t let fire foil the fun.

8. Swimming Pool

Heading for a swim? Got your swim suit and sun screen? Don’t forget pool safety! Besides the danger of drowning (be extremely careful with kids in and around the pool), pay attention to pool electrical safety too. Chemical poisoning is also a risk – make sure to not overtreat your pool with chemicals.

Many other dangers lurk inside your home. Check out our top 10 hidden household dangers and our essential list of the most dangerous household chemicals.

Last edited on 26th of June 2018

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