Bonfire Safety Guidelines

Fire Restoration

Whether you’re making a bonfire to dispose of burnable waste material or during a celebration, you should always follow the safety considerations first. Below you can find important tips to help you and others stay safe around a bonfire:

  • Don’t start the fire if the wind gusts are greater than 10mph.
  • Build the bonfire when fewer people are around, to help prevent accidents or complaints.
  • Start the bonfire at a safe distance from properties, fences, cars, trees, etc. Keep a distance of at least 5 times the height of the bonfire from a building.
  • Make sure no cables or wires are above the bonfire spot before building it.
  • Use only dry wood and materials to build and sustain the fire. Wet or damp materials will release much more smoke when lit.
  • Never pour gas or other flammable liquids when building or maintaining the bonfire to prevent accidental fires or burn-related injuries.
  • Fill a few buckets with water or keep a garden hose nearby to quickly extinguish any accidental fires, if necessary.
  • Never leave the bonfire unattended. Use long and sturdy tools to keep the bonfire under control.
  • Keep children and pets at a safe distance from the bonfire. Put your dog on a leash if it has become agitated or bring him inside.
  • Never burn tires, plastic items, spray bottles, or anything that may produce toxic fumes or that may explode.
  • Once the fire is out, pour water over it to extinguish it completely.

More general fire safety information can be found in this article. If you’re planning to use fireworks during a celebration, take a look at these tips. For professional fire, water and mold restoration services, contact your local PuroClean office.

Last edited on 2nd of July 2018