Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Water Restoration

Water damage is a common disaster in homes. But when a pipe bursts, a washing machine hose fails or when your roof leaks, does your home insurance cover the damages? Here is what you need to know about insurance in seven water damage scenarios:

1. Frozen Pipe Burst

The pipes in your home can freeze and burst during extremely low temperatures, leaking water into your home. Most homeowners insurance policies do cover the resulting water damage unless it was caused by negligence, for example, the burst was caused because you left your home unoccupied and without heat.

2. Water Leak from Backyard Pool Ruins Your Lawn and Basement

Swimming pool leaks are not covered by your homeowners policy unless the leak was caused by a tree falling on the pool. Furthermore, damage to your basement and your personal property is generally covered, but most damage to your lawn is not.

3. Washing Machine Overflows

Usually, water damage from broken appliances is covered if the leak is sudden or accidental. If you failed to maintain the washing machine, your insurance won’t cover the damage. To prevent washer overflows, check water supply hoses periodically and replace frayed ones. Learn what to do if your washing machine overflowed.

4. Sewer Backup

Sewer backups are not covered by standard homeowners insurance, but you can purchase extra endorsements for sewers and drains.

5. Flooding from Natural Disasters

Flood damage is not covered by standard homeowners policies. Floods can occur from storms, overflowing rivers or oceans, over-saturated ground, etc. If you want to get insurance for water damage caused by natural disasters, you need to get it separately. Learn more at The National Flood Insurance Program.

6. Water Beneath the Home Foundation Seeps into the Basement

Homeowners policies don’t cover this type of water damage. Seepage is not sudden or accidental and is considered a maintenance problem.

7. Water Leaks Through the Roof During Rainstorms

If the roof was poorly maintained before the leak, it’s unlikely that it will be covered. However, water damage to your personal items is covered, depending on the type of policy you have. H0-3 policies are the most generous but also the most expensive.

Many home owners are also unsure of how to deal with mold growth in their homes, especially when it comes to insurance. Learn about black mold insurance claims before you encounter this problem. For professional water damage repair or mold removal service, contact your local PuroClean office.

Last edited on 26th of June 2018