How to Stay Safe During a Wildfire

Fire Restoration

According to the NFPA, in the United States there are nearly 45 million homes located near woodland settings. Unfortunately, these natural landscapes put them at risk for wildfires. After a major wildfire, some homes survive, but others do not. The homeowners who plan ahead to protect their property against a fire have a better chance of saving their homes.

Wildfire preparedness tips

When a wildfire approaches, evacuate your home if advised by local authorities. If you are not ordered to evacuate, take the following actions:

After the wildfire, check your home (including the roof) for smoke and sparks. Extinguish sparks and embers yourself or call for help immediately. Keep listening to the news from officials about the fire. If you’ve left your home during the wildfire, return only when advised so by the authorities.

Download a copy of this handy Emergency Preparedness Document and use it to gather and record important numbers, such as your property or medical insurance provider, A/C repair service, etc.

Last edited on 15th of September 2021

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