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PuroClean Restoration Professionals Gives Back to Community Members in Their Time of Need

by PuroClean Editorial Team

PuroClean franchise owners pledge to do whatever it takes to respond, restore, and rescue properties in the communities they serve.

Steve Crane, owner of PuroClean Restoration Professionals in Powhatan, VA, is a testament to PuroClean’s promise by offering a helping hand to those in his community. “We are your servants. We believe in serving God, and our fellow man. It is an honor to serve you and your family during the most difficult times you will face,” said Steve.

water damage restoration

One January morning, Mary Ann and Marvin Howell of Powhatan, VA, woke up to their bedroom completely inundated with water as a result of issues with their septic tank. They were devastated and in disarray as Mary Ann had recently undergone surgery and was still recovering. The couple, who are both on disability, reached out to their insurance company only to discover that damage from sewage backups was not covered under their policy. They were advised to contact the Coalition of Powhatan Churches, and upon hearing of the devastating situation, the organization’s director, Patsy Goodwyn, reached out to Steve for assistance.

Steve and his team went to work right away to assess and sanitize the affected areas, taking a few days to dry the property. Crane knew that if the damage had not been mitigated immediately, it could have had serious implications on Mary Ann’s health following her surgery. After learning more about the family’s circumstances, Steve waived the service charge for the entire job.

PuroClean Restoration Professionals 2

Steve and his team also provided remediation services to James Bethea and his family after their home was infested with mold. James, who is blind, and his wife were at a loss with the implications of their situation. PuroClean offered to inspect and ultimately work to mitigate the mold damage. The process required cleaning walls and contents, as well as running air scrubbers to reduce pollutants in the air. Given the Bethea family’s misfortune, Steve did the job free of charge. James commended the team, saying, “Best job I have ever seen! PuroClean is the dean of cleanup! They taught that mold to stay out …I recommend PuroClean; their staff are very friendly.”

PuroClean Restoration Professionals 3

Steve and his team at PuroClean Restoration Professionals have shown unparalleled support for their community, which has led to Habitat for Humanity Powhatan, VA commending the location for work they have done for the non-profit organization. “Habitat, teaming with PuroClean, has been able to respond quickly to provide demolition manpower to crumbling home structures, [and] air filter and exhaust equipment for the safety of volunteers and homeowners. Most importantly the health of our homeowners has been enhanced because of your mold remediation process and gift of insulation,” said Roseleen Rick, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Powhatan, VA. In addition to being applauded by Habitat for Humanity, Steve Crane’s involvement in assisting the Howell family was shared in an article in Powhatan Today, Powhatan’s weekly newspaper, which covers local news and significant community events.

These are only two stories of the many that exist in our network. PuroClean franchise owners across North America give back to their communities in many ways and we applaud them for their ongoing generosity and commitment to helping the less fortunate.