Routine Mold Remediation Involves Extra Precautions to Protect Children and Pets

Mold remediation

Mold is a pesky problem that can affect both your home’s structure and your family’s health. It can cause respiratory problems, neurological damage, and other issues. Children, with their vulnerable immune systems, are especially susceptible to health issues caused by mold. Because of this, if you suspect mold is growing, it’s vital to reach out to professionals as soon as possible to get the remediation and restoration process started.

Handling Mold Remediation Efficiently & Effectively

Recently we were called to help a family who discovered mold growing in their basement. When our team arrived, we found mold had affected the entire basement, and there was still considerable moisture throughout. Our first concern was to protect the family; the couple had two very young children and a few pets. We made sure to fully contain the affected area, setting up barriers at the top of the stairs and creating negative air pressure in the basement to prevent mold spores from moving into the rest of the home.

With small children and pets present, it was even more crucial to work diligently to keep everyone safe and healthy during the process. We worked swiftly for several reasons, but most importantly to us, we wanted to finish quickly for the family’s health. After containing the area, we were able to take out a small basement window, allowing us to extract the moldy materials without exposing the unaffected areas in the house.

With the excess material removed and properly disposed of, we got started drying the basement. When dealing with mold, it’s crucial to thoroughly dry the entire area so the problem doesn’t just grow back immediately. After drying, we cleaned, sanitized, and topped everything off with our signature deodorization to help prevent a recurrence. Our team really shined on this job. We responded to the home quickly, and we were able to complete the entire job in just over four days! The family was elated with our work and grateful to have their home and peace of mind restored.

Don’t Let a Problem sMOLDer, PuroClean of Broomfield is Here for You 24/7!

Mold can affect not only your home, but also your health, and needs to be addressed by professionals ASAP. PuroClean of Broomfield is here to help with your mold remediation needs. Give us a call at (720) 773-3400.

Last edited on 21st of September 2021