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PuroClean Emergency Property and Water Damage Restoration Services in Philadelphia

PuroClean Philadelphia has three locations to assist residents and businesses with their emergencies. The ever changing four season climate of Philadelphia promises plenty of rain and snow emergencies. Whether your home or business is located near Independence Hall or far out in the suburbs, our technicians remain readily available. Our certified professionals offer services including water damage restoration, smoke and fire damage restoration, biohazard cleanup, mold removal and more.

For PuroClean to help you in mitigating losses during an emergency, we have a network of remediation professionals ready to serve you. Our professionals have assisted residents in and around Philadelphia for over ten years successfully remediate their personal and business disasters. All of our technicians have attended PuroClean Academy and have obtained additional industry certifications. These professionals possess extensive experience in the restoration of properties that have been struck by disaster. Following are just a few benefits of choosing PuroClean Philadelphia water damage restoration specialists:

Assessment and Inspection: Upon mobilization, PuroClean’s water damage restoration procedure begins with a thorough inspection and assessment of your affected premises. Following this, our professionals will decide exactly which restoration services are needed.

Reducing Losses and Costs: Hiring trained professionals to remediate your property will help in limiting mounting repair costs. An experienced restoration team addressing your emergency in the first stages can limit costs and complications in the future.

Coordination with Your Insurance: Our professionals will help you file a claim with your insurance carrier. PuroClean of Philadelphia often works with local insurance companies.

Local Reviews

"We had a grinder pump break last night that supports our basement bathroom, which caused a bit of a mess. I called PuroClean, Lansdale, and they responded within minutes (after hours on Black Friday)! They were very professional, extremely COVID conscious, and used organic and safe cleaning products to eliminate the smell/bacteria. I was so relieved because I knew it was safe for my crawling baby and kids to play again. They did such a thorough job! I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone that has remediation needs!"


We recently renovated a bathroom in our house and decided to have the bathroom inspected for mold. We selected PuroClean to do the inspection and found the representative to be very knowledgeable and professional. They were on time and followed all of the COVID protocols. The inspection results were what I had expected so there were no surprises. It was a great experience and I would definitely recommend the company for any of the services they provide.

Reading, Pa

I was referred to PuroClean from my homeowners insurance company for a flooded basement. Sandra, Miguel and the entire team were very responsive and empathetic. They did an excellent job with the clean up and their level of customer service was amazing. I highly recommend PuroClean.



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Why can’t I clean up biohazard myself?

When a biohazard occurs, professionals are needed to clean and disinfect as improper treatment can spread contamination and lead to illness or life-threatening conditions. [...]

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Do I need to hire a mold remediation/removal expert to remove mold, or can I do it myself?

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Can fire extinguisher dust be cleaned from carpet?

[VIDEO] Yes, but it is recommended that the work be done by professionals. The residue is an irritant and can cause discomfort and/or breathing problems; and can irritate the skin. [...]

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Why does PuroClean Emergency Recovery Services need access to my house or business?

Initially PuroClean needs to get into the home or office to do the emergency remediation and mitigation work. Then, during the drying process, PuroClean will need to return each day [...]

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