PuroClean Emergency Property and Water Damage Restoration Services in Salt Lake City

Most of the state of Utah population is based in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area. From Salt Lake City itself to Ogden and Provo, PuroClean can assist if there is any type of property damage to a home or business. From water to fire damage, only the best can help in a very vulnerable time for property owners. That is why so many people choose their local PuroClean solution since they know they learned from a leader in the industry.

The franchise owners in Salt Lake City are extremely experienced in the restoration of disaster affected properties. To assist you in limiting your losses, PuroClean provides you with a network of restoration professionals. These expert technicians have been trained at the PuroClean Academy, received multiple industry certifications and have served many residents in the Salt Lake City area with water affected areas restore their damaged properties for more than a decade. We’ve put together just a few of the many benefits of choosing the PuroClean Salt Lake City water damage restoration specialists:

Inspecting and Assessing: In order to precisely complete your water damage restoration project, Puroclean will arrive and perform a complete inspection of your affected areas. We then will devise a plan of action, selecting which remediation services will be performed.

Coordination with Your Insurance: Our professionals will help you file a claim with your insurance company. PuroClean of Salt Lake City often works with surrounding insurance companies.

Local Reviews

Chris Empey was awesome on our UT project. He did an amazing job and his attention to detail was top notch. I am very appreciative of his follow through and the quality of the job.



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