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While you might not think of a disaster restoration technician as a first-responder, they are some of the first to arrive at the scene. And, at PuroClean, we’ve been doing this since 2001. Here’s what makes us the Paramedics of Property Damage — your trusted provider of disaster remediation.

Disasters we’ve helped with over the years

Hurricane Harvey is one of the worst disasters in the US. Over 30 PuroClean franchise owners assisted with emergency remediation services and completed 327 jobs directly related to Hurricane Harvey. Had PuroClean not mobilized so quickly to aid in hurricane relief, many of the restored homes would ultimately have been lost after being impacted by flooding, contamination, and eventually mold.

Hurricane Michael — Numerous properties that were in the path of Hurricane Michael counted on PuroClean’s restoration services to help put the pieces back together. Our franchise owners in Florida and nearby states worked intensely to bring damaged properties back to normal.

The Fort McMurray fire is the costliest disaster in Canadian history and one of the most intense fires PuroClean has worked on. Hundreds of jobs came through the PuroClean command center from insurance providers. Franchise owners, executives, and technicians gave months of their time to aid in the healing of Fort McMurray.

COVID-19 — During these difficult times, many businesses require sanitation and disinfection services. PuroClean is helping businesses all over the country prevent the spread of COVID-19 with deep cleaning services. Pictured below is the team at PuroClean Disaster Services – Chicago, during a big COVID-19 cleaning job at a local automotive supply plant. They used professional cleaners to help prevent the spread of the virus in the building and the community.


We continue to provide emergency services through this challenging time

For many years — long before COVID-19 arrived — we have been helping customers when they need it most, responding to emergencies like fire and flooding in homes or businesses. But in these unprecedented times, many businesses are looking for sanitation and disinfection services they can trust. PuroClean’s service never stops, especially during this COVID-19 crisis.

The safety of our employees and customers is our top priority. Since COVID-19 is a newer health concern to everyone, we will ask clients to disclose any information regarding potential coronavirus infections in their building. This information will help everyone remain safe and help stop the spread of the virus while continuing to serve you.

We’re making sure that all of our technicians are aware of the COVID-19 symptoms, and ask that they monitor their health daily. We are in the business of helping people, and we remain committed to doing that safely — and even more so today.

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We are working long hours to help stop the spread of the virus

During a nationwide crisis, it’s not unusual for PuroClean to stretch the limits of what we can do. As such, several PuroClean offices have worked long hours and put themselves before others to better assist their communities during this unprecedented time.

When disaster strikes, we will pave the path to getting lives back on track! Right now, many businesses need to sanitize & disinfect their premises to provide a safer environment. That’s why PuroClean is on the front lines, ensuring hospitals, schools, restaurants, municipalities, and other essential services are cleaned and EPA disinfectants are properly applied for the safety of those who must continue to work in these environments.

PuroClean franchise owners work at an aggressive rate to provide local communities with rapid responses to this outbreak. The goal is to instill faith, trust, and reassurance to partners, staff, friends, and family that their safety is our main concern.

PuroClean is not new to biohazard; long before COVID-19 our technicians undergo extensive biohazard training as part of our core training.

Biohazard and virus cleanup – the services that set us apart

What makes us different from other companies is that biohazard has been a core service for us from the beginning. PuroClean has been providing these services since the brand’s inception in 2001.

We are, in a sense, like first-responders (hence, Paramedics) not only because we’re putting others first in a time of need, but also because our work helps stop the spread of the virus.

The PuroClean RapidDefense™ Program

PuroClean’s RapidDefense™ is the best way to clean up public areas. Our system helps stop the spread of pathogen-based illnesses, such as Influenza, Norovirus, and Coronaviruses. The process uses EPA-registered, hospital-grade products to limit the survival of the virus in commercial and residential environments and help prevent the spread. Contact us to help you create a clean environment.

What type of COVID-19 biohazard cleanup services does PuroClean offer?

PuroClean offers a variety of biohazard cleanup services to help reduce the further spread of COVID-19 in commercial and residential properties. Each property receives an individual evaluation by a highly trained PuroClean technician to determine the proper application of an approved EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant.

PuroClean is available to provide support of COVID-19 cleanup services to a wide range of properties, including:

  • Assisted living communities
  • Community centers and government buildings
  • Gymnasiums
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Companies with one to 5,000 employees

Cleaning levels are different for each situation or level of possible contamination (e.g., warehouse with little traffic vs. public transit). Offices across the country can also provide cleaning services to residential customers interested in preventing the spread of the virus.

As the need for surface sanitation rises and our knowledge of COVID-19 increases, we are assisting our clients promptly, while managing the heavier workload of our staff. We continue to approach this challenge by “social distancing” and practicing safety protocols issued by the CDC. 

For biohazard and coronavirus cleaning services, call PuroClean!

Surface sanitation is in high demand during the COVID-19 crisis. According to the CDC, cleaning frequently touched objects and surfaces is one of several actions recommended to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases like the coronavirus.

However, because surfaces can be re-contaminated after cleaning, and the coronavirus is also spread person-to-person, cleaning services are not 100% guaranteed to prevent the spread of the virus. They are aimed at limiting the survival of the virus in commercial and residential environments and helping to prevent the spread.

Are you keeping your community safe from coronavirus? Call us at 888-823-6411 now for more information.

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