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Emergency Preparedness Tips for the Hurricane Season

As the nation continues to focus heavily on the COVID-19 pandemic, we are reminding property owners of the urgent need to prepare their homes and businesses for the Atlantic Hurricane Season.

With 18 predicted storms, the season, which officially begins on June 1, is expected to be busier than average. PuroClean is offering both home and business owners tips to protect their properties, ensuring they are ready for whatever may come.

“Preparedness is essential for staying safe during a hurricane, and we want to inform property owners throughout the country about what to expect this hurricane season so that they can prepare and plan ahead, moving into June,” said Mark Davis, CEO and chairman of PuroClean. “With a global pandemic already causing concern, we realize hurricane season preparedness may not be top-of-mind.  It is imperative that property owners take the necessary steps now to protect their assets, to avoid any additional burden a storm could add.”

Evacuating through flooded streets
Evacuating through flooded streets

According to The Weather Company, the upcoming hurricane season could bring as many as 18 named storms, including nine hurricanes and four major hurricanes. Many businesses that were unprepared for last season’s impact were forced to close or relocate due to damage. Also, many homeowners saw flooding or excessive structural damage.

Commercial and residential properties are increasingly impacted by the strong wind and rain of hurricanes. And, according to the Congressional Budget Office, the expected annual economic losses from most types of damage caused by hurricane winds and storm-related flooding total $54 billion.

We encourage both residential and commercial property owners to be conscious of the following tips. They will help ensure preparedness and save time when emergencies take place:

“PuroClean franchise owners are trained and ready to protect property owners through their times of need, including hurricane season,” said Steve White, president and COO of PuroClean. “As a leader for over 20 years, we are prepared to dispatch our technicians to states across the country to provide relentless customer service to those who require additional support following being in significant damage from this upcoming season’s storms.”

PuroClean’s Emergency Management Plan

Emergency Management Plans (EMPs) are also offered through PuroClean to help commercial business owners prepare for hurricane season. PuroClean’s EMP can help business owners effectively manage unexpected events and minimize the impact on businesses, properties, and customers.

Additionally, PuroClean offers a national disaster response team. They can support communities affected by significant damage or impacted during hurricane season.

Last edited on 19th of June 2020

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